Did Super Bowl LII Further Confuse What a Catch is?

In this past season, we have watched a lot of great plays of all variations and learned a lot about players and teams. One thing we still can’t answer…what is a catch? Might seem like a simple question, but unfortunately in today’s game, it is anything but simple. That is a very loaded question nowadays. Was the receiver/ball-carrier in bounds with both feet? Was the ball secure? Perhaps the most dreaded question, did the ball survive the ground?

This previous Sunday we watched Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz complete a great catch and leap for a touchdown against the New England Patriots.

Jesse James came to Ertz’s defense on Sunday, seeing as he knows the feeling all too well.

It appeared during Corey Clement‘s touchdown reception, he did not have complete possession all the way through, but the refs called it a touchdown.

It’s clear that the league needs to implement a consistent idea of what a catch is across the board. The same play has to be ruled either a catch or not on a weekly basis, and the ambiguity that surrounds plays like these has to come to an end. Both plays in this past Super Bowl could have easily been overturned by what we have witnessed throughout the season. If these plays were touchdowns, why was Jesse James’ not? The comparison between Ertz’s and James’ respective touchdown catches is undeniable, and seemingly there are no differences. The NFL has some work to do in these regards.

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