Does this team ever fail to be criticized, even in winning?

This time, it was they didn’t run it enough – and “You’ll never beat the Patriots throwing it 66 times.” But the talking heads and the announcers can be some of the most unobservant and stupid people.

Le’Veon Bell was carving up the Ravens defense just like in the first game when his stat line included 144 yards rushing & 2 TDs (and 4 catches/42 yards). Last night, same thing – scoring TDs on the first two drives (28 yards rushing & 2 catches/ 27 yards.) It was only 2 plays in on that 3rd drive he took that shot to the knee. It was no coincidence 6 consecutive pass plays followed and were forced into a long FG.

For the rest nearly 3/4th of the game It was obvious he was playing with pain. Just look at that disastrous 3rd quarter. Bell had 6 yards on 4 carries and the Steelers had 1 first down on the 3 drives to start the half. Meanwhile, the Ravens scored 17.

This is a credit to Bell – he played through the pain as even on his 11-yard TD run he clearly didn’t have the same burst. But he still made himself a threat in the passing game.

Credit the coaching too, for lining him up at WR. The Ravens defense had to account for him. Just his being out there was a factor in how Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown tore them to shreds in that 4th quarter.

He looked more hurt than injured and I’m sure he’s receiving the proper medical attention.

Then the Patriots finally will have to face the Steelers team they’ve never had to face.

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