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By G.Stryker

Antonio Brown has a tremendous work ethic.  It has been noted by coaches throughout his football career, and by players who have tried to keep up with him during private training sessions.  He has a desire to be the best, and he has an innate desire to push himself beyond what normal humans are capable of to become the best.

Since flying over the California countryside in his beautiful balloon, AB has come crashing down to earth with a thud.  Since he couldn’t take part in the team’s conditioning test, he was immediately placed on the Non Football Injury List since he hurt himself working out before training camp.  Looking at this picture, his feet are the reason why he was placed on this list.

I know this picture is tough to look at.  It’s feet for one, and it’s AB’s feet showing they are losing a lot of skin.  But I made myself stare at those feet and take a long look at them. By doing so, I have earned a bit of insight on AB’s current injury. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture tells me a story.  #1, AB has never had this injury before in his career. #2, He has lost a lot of skin on both feet, and his feet are visibly blistered as well on the toes.  That much damage to his feet says 2 things to me: 1) AB still has a strong work ethic when he’s getting ready for football & 2) AB took a lot of time off and got soft.  

For a guy that used to work out 24/7 all year long, it looks like he took 5-6 months off to enjoy life, and his new contract.  His lavish lifestyle led to him placing his workout regimen on the back burner. His feet lost their callouses, and his pedicures kept those feet supple.  As a result, when he tried to get back in shape a month before training camp, he hit his old workout routine – HARD. His feet weren’t in football shape, and they took the brunt of his work ethic.  

He was taken off the Non Football Injury List a week ago, but still has not participated in a single practice with the team.  Yesterday he went to visit a foot specialist, and from the looks of this picture, it’s to get his feet healed and back in football shape.  Since he just left the doctor’s office yesterday, I would assume he will still not be practicing until his feet have completely healed. 

So, this means more time off for Antionio Brown, who has to deal with the agony of de feet, before he can get back to practicing with his new team.

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