The Future of Le’Veon Bell

With almost two hours left to tag Le’Veon Bell or to come to a decision on a long-term deal, the Steelers have officially tagged Bell. With reports coming out early that no deal would be made before the deadline, speculation started to spread on exactly how much Bell wants. Although both sides still remain optimistic on coming to a deal, at what price would it come? With the Franchise tagged being placed, the Steelers and Le’Veon Bell have till July 16th to come to a long term deal. As Bell has previously stated he may consider retirement if playing under the franchise tag for one more year. Although some teammates close to Bell may think other wise.

Under the Franchise Tag, Bell will be paid 14.5 million, he will earn an approximate $900,000 dollars per game next year. Right now the concern is setting a long-term deal, but how much does Bell want exactly? Coming from Jeremy Fowler, the Steelers offered $42 million over the first three years and an average of $13.3 million over the life of the deal, but Bell declined the offer. It’s speculated that the issue with the long term deal is that Bell wants more money guaranteed in the first few years of the deal.

Bell stated to Jeremy Fowler that he wants to be paid the worth he has to the team rather than the worth of the running back market. Bell wants more money, and the Steelers are among the toughest negotiators in the league. So who will budge first? With not enough cap space and defensive problems looming in the background, can the Steelers and Le’veon Bell come to an agreement for a long-term deal?

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