The Saga Continues…

By Jess Costello

If you were to tell me 5 years ago that the media and NFL players themselves where bashing Antonio Brown for turning on a former teammate, I wouldn’t have believed it. But Brown doesn’t stop, and of course, he took to Twitter to let out some ‘emotion.’

The locker room has been quiet, even offering their happiness for Brown for getting the contract that he was asking for. But enough is enough when you publicly criticize a former teammate that was nothing but respectful to you.

Now the question is, was a tweet like this directed towards Brown?

It was too coincidental for it not to be apart of the Brown, Smith-Shuster saga yesterday. But, Vince Williams says otherwise. In a tweet early this afternoon, he said that the media is just pushing a narrative.

Whether or not the tweet was for Brown, he deserved it. Smith-Schuster took the blame for the season ending and promised to do more. AntonioBrown left the blame on everyone else and never owned up to any of his immature antics.

And Steelers fans and teammates aren’t the only ones who said that tweet was uncalled for. Justin Reid, Houston Texans safety, can’t wait to see Brown on the field.

If that wasn’t enough, don’t worry! Brown never leaves you without anything to talk about. This was just posted minutes ago via Brown’s Instagram.

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……..🎤 #OnToTheNext

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I can’t promise this will be the end of the talk of Antonio Brown in Pittsburgh, actually, I can almost guarantee it won’t be. Either way, it doesn’t seem like anyone is on Brown’s side at this point.


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