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By: Jared Villani

There’s no denying the Pittsburgh Steelers defense was incredible last season and were often brought up in conversation with San Francisco and New England in regards to which team had the league’s top defense. Pittsburgh’s defense did not get enough credit as the talk surrounding the team was based heavily around the woes at the quarterback position.

Pittsburgh has made some key acquisitions and tremendous draft picks over the years leading up to where they are today amongst the league’s top tier defenses. If last season was any indication, the Steelers 2019 1st round pick Devin Bush Jr. is likely to take a further stride in the right direction and put Pittsburgh at an elite level in 2020.

When the Steelers traded up in the draft for Bush, that alone was something to get excited about as SteelerNation got a sense that this former University of Michigan punisher was going to be something special. Pittsburgh’s run defense was dominant last season and the secondary showed that they improved exponentially defending the passing game, which has been the team’s Achilles heel for the past few seasons.

While it may have been tough trying to fill the void left behind by Ryan Shazier, the team seems confident Bush has everything it takes to be a big contributor as well as their middle linebacker for the foreseeable future. Given Bush’s tackling, playmaking, and ball-hawking abilities continue to improve, there is no doubt he could push the Steelers defense firmly into the elite conversation.


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