Trick or Treat? Bell Still a Steeler

By G.Stryker:

So the trade deadline has come and gone on this All Hallow’s Eve, Eve.  The bell has tolled, so to speak, and the Steelers Le’Veon Bell ensured he will finish this season as a Steeler.  Will he play is the other question?

The Steelers organization has been tricked before, thinking they would have Bell much earlier in the season.  First trick was just before week 1, then possibly a week 2 or week 3 return?  Nope, tricked again.  The bye week, Bell has to come back then, right?  Nope, another trick.

So when will Bell entreat the Steelers by showing up this season?  If he wants to maximize his earning’s this season, while ensuring he will be a Steeler for the remainder of the year, October 31st to November 3rd will give Bell a possibility of 9 game checks (should the Steelers opt not to claim Bell as a 2 week roster exemption).

Electing to hold out longer could be very tricky for Bell.  The Steelers play Thursday, the following week, and that is the drop dead game, that Bell needs to report by, to accrue a full 6 games, if the Steelers make him roster exempt for 2 weeks.

I suppose Steelers fans will find out by November 7th If Bell treats his teammates to his presence, or tricks them yet again by choosing to sit out the entire season.

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