Update: NFL Owners Agree to Terms of New CBA Proposal


By CJ Lester

Yesterday, I discussed the new CBA proposal that was being negotiated by the league and the NFLPA. In that proposal, the Pittsburgh Steelers would have made the playoffs and headed to Arrowhead to take on the Kansas City Chiefs if the new playoff structure would have taken place last year. The proposal would add an extra playoff team to each conference and an additional regular season game the following league year of 2021 among other things. In total, there would be 14 playoff teams and only the 1 seed in each conference would get a first-round bye while the players on that team also get paid for the bye week.

Today, the NFL owners voted and the majority agreed to the terms of the new CBA. Tomorrow, the NFLPA will have their chance to take the floor and vote on the new proposal that would extend the regular season in 2021, give us a new playoff format, a 3-game preseason, and it also would change the amount of tags a team can use in a season. Teams would only be able to use the franchise tag OR the transition tag under the new CBA. In order to pass the new CBA, at least 2/3’s of the NFLPA will have to agree to the terms of the proposal. If the new CBA passes, it would mean 10 more years free of labor talks.

The NFL owners were not unanimous in the vote, but it was good enough to move the vote to the NFLPA. Let’s see how the NFLPA votes on the CBA Proposal tomorrow!

More to Come!

Will at least 2/3’s of the NFLPA vote to agree on the new CBA terms tomorrow? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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