Vince Williams Challenges Steelers Nation

Attention to all of Steelers Nation, Vince Williams wants fans to pay their dues as well. If any fans are attending any live games Williams wants you to play your part as a fan and cheer as loud as you can.

Believe it or not fans participation at games really does help the team’s motivation and makes it hard to hear/concentrate for the opponent. Williams went on Twitter to challenge fans who say WE when talking about the team.

If you are a fan that says “We need to do better” or “We did amazing” then as a fan you have to take some form of responsibility in any game loss as well. Now this does not mean Williams is saying the team lost because of the fans. But if fans have the ability to cheer loud when the other team’s offense is playing, then there might be some false starts that can help out the Steelers.

Cheering is the fans job and being quiet when the offense is trying to focus is vital too. Even if it is hard to control the excitement sometimes Ben needs some quiet to showcase his magic.

Steeler fans travel well, and even in away games the stadium is swarmed with terrible towels. As fans we have to make every game a home game no matter what stadium the team plays at.

It’s like the saying “you gotta take the good with the bad” fans can’t only say WE when the Steelers win. Our duty as Steelers fans is to wave that towel and yell “HERE WE GO STEELERS” loud and proud.

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