Vote Your Favorite Steelers Into The Pro Bowl!

By Matt Papiernik, @Matt_Papiernik on Twitter


Calling all Pittsburgh Steelers fans! Everyone should head on over to and vote for your favorite Steelers players for the NFL Pro Bowl. Fan voting opened up earlier this week, and the Steelers have close to a dozen players who have a shot at being voted in.

This year’s Pro Bowl is going to be a bit different than years past. This year the Pro Bowl will be completely virtual, and the players voted will compete in Madden 21 with the official Pro Bowl rosters.

There will also be several different celebrities, former NFL greats, and video game streamers playing against the Pro Bowl players as well.

Overall it will be a week long event, and the NFL will add several unique elements to make the virtual experience entertaining for the fans. So head on over and make sure your favorite Steelers have their chance to compete in this once in a lifetime Pro Bowl experience!



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