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What Will It Take For TJ Watt To Finally Win DPOY?

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What Will It Take For TJ Watt To Finally Win DPOY?

Over the last two seasons , TJ Watt has been an absolute force for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and is a huge reason they’ve been a top unit defensively over that span. His first two seasons were good, but he made a big leap in year three that he continued to improve upon in year four. Many would argue that he was the best defensive player in the league over the last two seasons, except those that vote for the Defensive Player of the Year Award. So what will it take for Watt to be recognized for an award he deserved the past two years?

The first and most obvious step is to continue racking up sacks and tackles for loss. Watt has increased his sack numbers each season he’s been in the league, and has rallied 29.5 over the past two. He led the league this year, and must continue to do so in order to be in contention. He also led the league in TFL’s with 23. However, it’s not just about the numbers here, it’s about the timing. I believe he must need to make more timely and drive ending plays. He must continue and potentially improve this dominant run of disruption. Point blank.



Secondly, he needs to continue to create turnovers and get the ball back for the offense. This was one category that he actually dropped off in in 2020. In 2019 he had 8 forced fumbles (league lead that season) and 2 interceptions for 10 total turnovers. In 2020 he only had 2 forced fumbles and 1 interception for 3 total turnovers. He needs to get back to getting the ball back. However, this drop off may not be purely his fault, offenses now game plan for him more and more with each passing season. However, the great ones get it done, and if Watt wants to be great, he has to get back to that 2019 level.

On top of this, he needs to continue to build himself as a leader and a true catalyst for a defense ready to not just make it to the playoffs, but make a real run in it. It’s no secret the last two playoff games the defense didn’t exactly show up. He must make a leap as a leader and captain after his first year as a team captain in 2020 and rally the defense to put its best foot forward in 2021. It is not only his best for DPOY, but the team’s best chance at a championship run.



So far this offseason, it seems Watt has been doing all the right things, as usual, to get better. He has been seen training with his brothers; JJ and Derek Watt back at their home in Wisconsin. He was also in attendance at Mini Camp this past week in Pittsburgh, where it looked like he may have put on a little size over the offseason, looking a little bulkier than years past:


Watt looks focused and ready to dominate again in 2021. I am confident he can do all the things I stated and probably even more, but it’s up to him. He has all the tools and with a few key departures on the defense, most notably Watt’s long time running mate Bud Dupree, there’s no time like now to shine through even more than he already has, and take home and award that arguably should have been his the past two seasons.


What do you think Watt needs to do to win DPOY, Steeler Nation? Let us know in the comment section!


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