What’s That? More Drama You Said?

Well, we almost made it a full 24 hours without drama or a silly tweet. Apparently Bud Dupree missed the no drama memo. Earlier today Mark Kaboly, writer for The Athletic, tweeted a quote from JuJu Smith-Schuster, adding to it his own opinion that the quote was a shot at former Steelers’ wide receiver Antonio Brown. Well, Bud didn’t like that at all.

Yikes. Maybe not the best idea to be insulting media personalities, especially after the past encounters some have had with Brown. Kaboly did a great job handling it professionally and replied with a fun little joke aimed at himself.

It may not be some of the crazy antics we’re used to dealing with, but it still shouldn’t be an issue at all. Hopefully this is the last time we’re discussing a tweet from Dupree, who has been known to be vocal in the past.


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