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Which Team Should Steelers Fans Want to Play Week One

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Which Team Should Steelers Fans Want to Play Week One

The schedule for the first week of the 2021 NFL season is set to be released tomorrow morning. The Pittsburgh Steelers know which 14 opponents they will be up against next season, but not in what order. What will be a very tough schedule, whichever team the Steelers see in Week 1, is sure to be a challenge.



The goal is to win every game, of course, but who should Steelers fans desire to play Week 1?

There is a very easy answer for myself and many of us at #SteelerNation


The Cleveland Browns

There has been so much talk of a changing of the guard in the AFC North. Many analysts and fans of the NFL are already counting a Steelers team out who began last season going 11-0.

Although I do not expect another 11-0 start, I sure would love to see 1-0 to begin the season against the Browns; a team many have pegged to win the division.

The Browns are coming off a franchise changing season making the playoffs and defeating the Steelers in the AFC Wild Card Game. This would be a beautiful spot for the Steelers to remind everyone that they still own the AFC North as they have much of the 21st century.



Additionally, what a revenge spot for the Steelers after the early playoff exit last season. Put this game in Pittsburgh or Cleveland. I’m not going to complain either way. This fresh rivalry deserves a Week 1 spot and one can only hope, a primetime one at that.

The amount of talent that these two teams have on both sides of the ball would start the AFC North’s season off with a bang. Something about beating the Browns in Week 1 is what would start the season off with a great taste in the mouths of Steelers players, coaches, staff and fans.

I’ll be excited regardless of who the Steelers are set to play in Week 1, but let it be the Browns so the Steelers can remind them who owns the AFC North.


Who do yinz think the Steelers will play in Week 1? Who do yinz WANT to play in Week 1? Comment below!


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