Who Runs the North?

By G.Stryker:

As I left M&T Bank Stadium yesterday with thousands of elated Steeler fans streaming out, I couldn’t help but start a “Here we go Steelers” chant.  Oddly enough, the Ravens have a similar “Here we go Ravens” chant, but no one in purple was joining in to drown out the celebrating Steel City fans.  Instead, after the Steeler chant was over, someone yelled: Who Runs the North? Steeler fans replied: Steelers run the north, and a new chant was formed.

Starting the season at 2-2-1, the Steelers were facing a daunting task of playing 3 straight divisional opponents.  At the time, the Steelers were tied with the Browns at the bottom of the division with Baltimore at 3-2 and the Bengals at 4-1 looking down on them.  Many Steeler fans were ready to jump off of one of the 200+ bridges in Pittsburgh, but the Steelers showed that October is a more successful month than September.  

Playing the Bengals in Cincinnati the Steelers needed a game ending touchdown to Antonio Brown, that seemed to change their fortunes.  After a bye week, without even playing a game, the Steelers found themselves in first place when all of their divisional opponents lost.  They still had 2 more divisional games left, so their tentative lead was anything but secure. Starting slow against the Browns, turned into another solid win.  The Steelers then rode that momentum into a dominant 23-16 win against Baltimore.

Now the Steelers are 5-2-1 after stacking 4 straight wins, and are currently the only team in the division with more than one divisional win (3-1-1).  The path to the northern crown is clear, and it appears to run through Pittsburgh on the last game of the season. Until the time when the division champion is secured, Steeler fans can at least chant: “Who Runs the North?”, and be satisfied knowing the answer, is their Steelers.

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