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By G.Stryker

Vince McMahon is back with the XFL 2.0. It’s an interesting mix of eight football teams, seven in current NFL markets, and one being St. Louis who had an NFL team five years ago. Will this version of the XFL be a better product than the first one that lasted only a year? Who can say until we see the final product? But one thing is for certain, the game will be different from college, NFL, or the last version of the XFL. 

A few rules have been added that are different from the football rules we know:

  1. One foot in bounds on catches (like college)
  2. No kicks after TD’s. You can go for 1, 2, or 3 points from 2, 5, and 10 yards out
  3. Kickoff rules are odd, but look exciting. No one can move until the ball is caught
  4. Punts are no longer defensive plays. Any punt that goes to the end zone or out of bounds is spotted at the 35.  Players can’t move until the ball is kicked. This should promote more 4th down chances as opposed to punting
  5. You can have 2 forward passes, as long as the first is behind the line of scrimmage
  6. Overtime shootout: Each team gets 5 chances from the 5-yard line to convert a  2-point conversion. If still tied after 5 rounds, it extends 1 round at a time until a winner is decided

What I like the most about this new XFL is there are only eight teams, which means four games per week. They are spread out across Saturday and Sunday and every game is televised across ABC, ESPN, FOX, and FS1. So if you have a team you like, you can see them play every week. So who should you root for? Most people will root regionally for the local team, but if you want to watch some X-Steelers compete in the XFL, here are the teams to tune into:

Dallas Renegades: QB Landry Jones, LB Christian Kuntz, CB Deshaun Phillips, LB Tegray Scales, DE Winston Craig

DC Defenders: WR Eli Rogers, S Shamarko Thomas, CB Doran Grant

Houston Roughnecks: WR Sammie Coates, DE Johnny Maxey, DE Caushaud Lyons

LA Wildcats: RB DuJuan Harris, S Jack Tocho, 

NY Guardians: Kevin Gilbride Head Coach/GM, S Dravon Askew-Henry, K Matthew McCrane, CB Jamar Summers, C Garrett Brumfield

STL Battlehawks: WR  L’Damian Washington, WR Damoun Patterson, LB Terence Garvin, WR Brandon Reilly, DE Casey Sayles, CB Trey Johnson, QB Brogan Roback, LB Matthew Thomas

Seattle Dragons: RB Trey Williams, LB Steven Johnson, K Garrett Hartley, TE Cameron Clear

Tampa Bay Vipers: S Marcelis Branch

So starting Saturday February 8 at 2pm, you can tune in and watch 10 more weeks of football with 2 weeks of playoffs. View the XFL schedule HERE 

No matter which XFL game you choose to watch, there is sure to be an X-Pittsburgh Steeler to cheer for! 


Are you planning on watching the XFL? Do you have a team you want to root for? Let us know below what teams you like and why to root for them.


Season ticket holder and lifelong Steeler fanatic. Hosts the Podcast and Steeler Nation Forum Member: Cope

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