2019 Steelers Superlatives

By Adam McCoy

A few days ago on Twitter, I saw a small trend amongst NFL fans, YouTubers, and journalists, superlatives for their favorite NFL trend. I did one of my own, but it’s hard to really go into detail with 280 characters. So, here we go. As always, leave a comment with your picks for the 2019 Steelers Superlatives.


Most Overrated: Mike Hilton 

This was easily the hardest one for me to determine and I settled with Hilton. Within #SteelerNation, Hilton is pretty well received after his monster 2017 season where he burst on the scene. 2018 was a different story though for Hilton. Now, with Steven Nelson and Justin Layne breathing down his neck, Hilton could find his nickel corner spot in danger. Of course his name is already being thrown around in the annual “let’s convert this corner to safety” talks, so we’ll have to wait and see what Hilton can do this year.


Most Underrated: JuJu Smith-Schuster

For this pick, I’m speaking more from the perspective of the national media than I am Pittsburgh. There’s not a question that everyone in Pittsburgh (except one radio host who will remain nameless) loves JuJu. But there has been a lot of questions on whether he can produce without Antonio Brown (traded to the Oakland Raiders). We’ve seen him do it before and there’s no reason he won’t do it again. JuJu is a young budding superstar in the NFL, and 2019 is going to be the year that everyone realizes that.


Best Player: Ben Roethlisberger

Some may not like this pick, but Big Ben is undoubtedly the best player on this team. He’s our franchise quarterback, a two-time Super Bowl Champion, and a future Hall of Famer. This team will go as far as Ben will take them.


Key New Addition: Devin Bush

Ever since the Steelers traded up 10 picks to draft Devin Bush, I have been anxiously awaiting his first time on an NFL field. With all respect to Vince Williams and everyone else who has been making up our ILB platoon, this defense simply hasn’t been the same without Ryan Shazier, and the Steelers found arguably the best replacement for him. Bush has the potential to find himself in Defensive Rookie of the Year talks.


Could Surprise: Steven Nelson

I’ll be honest with you, when the Steelers signed Steven Nelson, I had to make a quick trip to Google just to find out who he was. I was not disappointed. A still young, growing corner, Nelson burst onto the scene last year with four interceptions. The last time the Steelers had anyone with 4 or more interceptions was 2010, when Troy Polamalu had seven. To find the last time a cornerback had four or more interceptions, you have to go all the way back to 2004 when Deshea Townshend had four himself. Nelson replicating his production from last year would go a long way in strengthening the secondary, and looking for a better turnover differential than last year’s -11.


Takes A Leap: James Washington

Fresh off JuJu Smith-Schuster’s spectacular rookie year, expectations were high for James Washington. Unfortunately, he never really quite filled those shoes, with limited playing time and not making the best of what he was given. Now, with Antonio Brown out of the door, JuJu’s spot is the only guarantee in this wide receiver group. The additions of Diontae Johnson and Donte Moncrief put Washington in a tight spot for a second year player. It’s time for him to prove he deserves to play, and I think he will.


Prove It Year: Bud Dupree

It seems that every year since he was drafted out of Kentucky has been a “prove it” year for Bud Dupree, and this could very well be his last one. I previously wrote how I believe that Dupree is just a step away from getting it all figured out, and for his sake, I hope he’s right. The Steelers added some competition at his spot drafting Sutton Smith and Ulysses Gilbert, and let’s not forget about last year’s preseason darling Ola Adeniyi. This is your last chance Bud, make it count.


So tell me what you think! Do you agree, disagree, who would you have put where? Let me know down in the comment section below!

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  1. Jose

    May 17, 2019 at 10:08 pm

    Agree 100%. Nice job!

  2. jessupsteeler

    May 18, 2019 at 11:32 pm

    couldn’t agree more.. good write up !

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