Antonio Brown Remains a Steeler

Late last night Ian Rapoport said the Steelers and Buffalo were in the final stages of a deal that would send the disgruntled star receiver north, but it quickly took a turn south.

Various outlets out of Buffalo claimed that there was no truth to the report and the two sides weren’t close to a deal.

Antonio Brown quickly reacted to the NFL’s Instagram page by calling it ‘fake news’.

Rumors have swirled since the wee hours of the morning about what went down, but some insist that Brown’s camp nixed the deal. Brown reportedly told the Bills he wouldn’t show up, and wouldn’t play in Buffalo. If that is indeed true it leaves the Steelers in a bad position. Though, some could argue they’re in a bad position regardless.

The other theory floating around is that the Steelers floated this news to possibly soften up Brown. If Brown thought Buffalo was the worst possible place to land he may become more inclined to take the next destination.

Regardless today’s self-imposed deadline from the Steelers seems like it’s going to come and go without Brown being shipped out.

Maybe AB hasn’t caught his final pass from Ben Roethlisberger after all?

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