Artie Burns Gets 1st-Team Reps On Sunday

By Jessica Costello

Over the span of 14 months, Artie Burns went from the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ go-to cornerback, to having to prove himself for a roster spot.

Something that was so far off Mike Tomlin‘s radar, he never even entertained the thought.

“I didn’t know that he was in adversity,” Tomlin said.

But on Sunday, Burns had a plan to show his coaches and teammates that he isn’t giving up that easy. It may have been gradual, but Burns doesn’t seem like he’s leaving the Steelers game plans anytime soon.

“He’s playing solidly,” Tomlin said, “but we are just getting started here.”

Burns stayed steady playing with the first-team defense at left cornerback, which looked promising for his $800,000 bonus that he entitled to if he stayed on the roster.

But Burns playing at No. 1 on Sunday was only happening because Joe Haden was given a light day. But that also doesn’t diminish Burns’ significance for the Steelers’ outside cornerback position.

This doesn’t mean that Burns has a secure role on the 2019 defense and surely doesn’t seem like he has a hopeful future with the team moving forward.

But passing the roster-bonus deadline is a sign that the Steelers haven’t given up quite yet on Burns.

Let us know what you think Steeler Nation, does Artie Burns deserve a roster spot? Do you want to see him back in black and yellow this season? Comment below!


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