As the Game Turns: Week 10 vs Carolina

Archie Carpenter/UPI

By: G.Stryker

Each and every game has a pivotal moment where victory is decided.  Not always the game winning play, but a play that determines the outcome, and if it went differently, a different result could be likely. So each week we will explore the exact moment of drama where the game pivots on: As the Game Turns.

Before the Steelers enjoyed scoring more points than they ever had at Heinz Field, they had to endure some early adversity.  On the first drive of the game, the defense had to defend a 9 play 75 yard drive that ended with a Christian McCaffery touchdown catch and run.  The defense was having trouble finding ways to get McCaffery on the ground and couldn’t get any pressure on Cam Newton.  

The Steelers offense took the field and one play later, the scoreboard showed the game tied, after a brilliant double move, by JuJu Smith-Schuster on a 75 yard catch and run from Ben Roethlisberger.  

So much for getting the defense some rest, because they were immediately called back to the field.  Fortunately for them, they earned their own respite on the pivotal play of this game. Newton went back to pass from the 12 yard line and ran all the way back into the endzone with TJ Watt harassing him the whole way, and nearly bringing him down for a safety.  Some could argue intentional grounding, as Cam threw the ball to no one in particular, just to avoid 2 points against his team.  Instead of finding a receiver to bail him out, that wayward pass was tracked down by Vince Williams, who got to the ball at full speed and turned the ball upfield to give his defense 6 points instead of 2.

After such a tough opening drive, the defense was able to create their own fortunes, in a game that only saw 2 more scores by Carolina.  As the defense continues to improve this season, it was good to see them come through for the team, en route to a 52 – 21 rout.

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