As the Game Turns: Week 4 vs Baltimore

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By: G.Stryker

Each and every game has a pivotal moment where victory is decided.  Not always the game winning play, but a play that determines the outcome, and if it went differently, a different result could be likely. So each week we will explore the exact moment of drama where the game is decided on: As the Game Turns…

Another big deficit was evened up at the half.  Too bad the Steelers did nothing offensively in the second half, to help their team win.  The defense did hold the Ravens to 4 second half field goals, and only had 2 entering the final quarter, so the Steelers were only down by 6.

The Steelers first drive of the 4th quarter started out nicely enough with a 15 yard catch and run to James Conner.  First down was incomplete to Conner, and nearly picked off. Second down saw a good tackle on a JuJu Schuster-Smith for a gain of 5, setting up third and 5 from the Steeler 45.  Antonio Brown ran a drag and appeared to be open for an easy conversion. Ben Roethlisberger threw behind him as the ball harmlessly hit the ground.

This play to me, serves as a microcosm for the Steelers this season.  Miscommunication is the constant that is holding this offense back from being great.  Whether Ben thought Brown was running a hitch, or Brown saw the coverage lacking on the drag, they were not on the same page for an easy first down.  Only being down one score, this play was the turning point in the game. Instead of attempting a 4th down, the Steelers elected to punt. The Ravens then took the ball down the field, ate 6:40 off the game clock, and salted the game away with a field goal giving them a 2 score lead with 3:40 to play.  Game over.

Hopefully Ben and Brown can talk this week to make sure these errors don’t happen again, otherwise the Steeler offense may be doomed to repeating the same mistakes.

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