Bouchette Claims Bell Deal Not as Close as Suggested

According to Ed Bouchette in his Steelers chat transcript on Tuesday afternoon, a contract regarding Le’Veon Bell is not as close to being done as previously suggested by the All-Pro running back around the time of Pro-Bowl weekend. Bouchette claims, “The only one who has reported they are close to a deal is Le’Veon Bell himself. I was told this is just not true.”

It seems like everyone grows more anxious as we await some kind of word on whether Bell will be a Steeler next season or not. This is disheartening news for those who want to see Bell return in black and yellow. He had an outstanding year, as well as played an entire season without any injuries nor suspensions.

Bell is not exactly helping the situation, as we have heard his recent statements on what it would take for him to play for a team like the New York Jets. As of today, he claimed “100 million.” In addition to these statements, Bell has recently revealed some in-house business between former OC Todd Haley and Ben Roethlisberger. Stating that many of the calls Haley would make on third down or in the red-zone were not on the same page as what Roethlisberger wanted in those situations. All of these statements can be speculated, it’s easy to take these things out of context, but at this point all we can do is wait and see what unfolds in the near future.

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