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Calls For Steelers To Replace Kenny Pickett In 2023 Draft Are Absurd At Best

Calls For Steelers To Replace Kenny Pickett In 2023 Draft Are Absurd At Best

After the Pittsburgh Steelers 20-10 win over the New Orleans Saints you would think the Yinzer Mob, AKA Steeler Nation, would have been in stitches and giddy over a win with some sense of better things to come after a 2-6 start to 2022.

Nah, not this spoiled lot.

Steelers Kenny Pickett

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Kenny Pickett (#8) drops back for a pass against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on Oct. 30, 2022, in Philadelphia, PA. | Photo Credit: Abigail Dean / Pittsburgh Steelers

I guess when you face two decades of winning, led by a sure-shot first-ballot Hall of Fame quarterback tossing the ball around the yard, it tends to spoil one. Or millions in this case of Steelers fans. But despite the good news of a win at home and T.J. Watt‘s presence, there was a sense that fans and some in the media are suggesting Kenny Pickett doesn’t have what it takes to be an NFL quarterback and the Steelers should consider taking a QB in round one of the 2023 NFL Draft.

These thoughts are just after five starts. At the most demanding, most scrutinized, most consequential position in football. And in the hardest professional sporting league in the world to compete and win at. It’s enough to wish I was forced to watch endless election commercials for an eternity that hear this trash take on the subject.

Steelers Must Draft More Help For Pickett To Improve.

Steelers Pickett

Photo Credit: Abigail Dean / Pittsburgh Steelers

Let’s be fair. Pickett is trying to win with an offensive line that has more holes in it than the Parkway West in early February. He got clobbered all afternoon versus the Saints, taking six sacks and running for his life on other occasions. Why? Because this offensive line is awful and has regressed from a decent early season start.

But Kenny Pickett is the problem?

I get that we live in this world of instant gratification, dopamine rushes for how many likes and retweets we get for the smarmy meme you just posted on your TikTok, Insta or whatever social media site you spend way too much time on. Kenny Pickett has very little working in his favor.

It was nice to see Najee Harris have his best game of 2022. Jaylen Warren continues to add another layer of production, and as an un-drafted rookie no less. But when you lump together what KP truly has in his cupboard, Pickett is a step away from an EBT card in terms of needing help.

It’s also unfair to compare KP and Ben Roethlisberger‘s first season. It’s not even close to being the same. Ben had two HOF players on offense, one on the defensive side. This was a team that had components to it in place to allow Ben time to mature and grow. As it turned out, Roethlisberger had the HOF pedigree in him. I’m not saying Pickett is not capable of success, far from it. But let’s take a look at his game Sunday and call it what it is. Enough to do no harm and register a win.

Some people in the media do get it, however. Case in point below.

No Looking Back For Steelers On Pickett For The Next 4 Seasons

Pittsburgh Steelers

Photo Credit: Karl Roser/Pittsburgh Steelers

I generally don’t give one ounce of phooey what fans have to say regarding personnel decisions. Most don’t have a clue, hear others saying something at the water cooler on Monday and join the group thinking. And when it comes to a rookie QB, one who has a desperate need of more talent around him that can help elevate his play, I really don’t listen to the general fan.

As for the media, I guess clicks and sounding important are just part of our line of work. Too bad we can’t see past the white noise at times on this Pickett stuff. Truth is, the kid is not equipped to lead this team because he is not surrounded by players that can help.

Did somebody say Matt Canada by chance?

Steelers' Kenny Pickett and Matt Canada Before Saints

Steelers’ Kenny Pickett (#8) and offensive coordinator Matt Canada work on the game plan in preparation for the New Orleans Saints in Pittsburgh, PA. | Photo Credit: Abigail Dean/Pittsburgh Steelers

Take a cue from Aaron Rogers and R-E-L-A-X on Kenny Pickett. He’s got a long way to go, but he is not surrounded by players from the 1999 St. Louis Rams. This is going to be a work in progress. He’s serviceable for now and needs to improve. But to think we need to already replace him? That seems laughable. Nothing says you can’t be critical of any player. Just try to base it on reality.

So Steelers fans, are you giving up on Kenny Pickett or not? Sound off below!


I was born and raised in Braddock Hills, just outside the city limits. I started covering the Steelers in 1994 when I began working at 1320 WJAS as Bruce Keidan's producer. Later that year, I moved across town and produced Steelers Football on Flagship News Talk 1250 WTAE. For 2 years I worked in Las Vegas, NV at SportsFan Radio Network, producing the Pete Rose Show. In 1997, I became the evening host of sports talk on 1250 WTAE at the age of 27, following in the footsteps of Myron Cope, Stan Savran and many others. Over my career, I have been fortunate to not just cover the Steelers, but the Pirates and Penguins, in addition to major college football, basketball and high school sports. I've worked for CBS Radio, ESPN, Hearst, Cox and others during my media career. I currently reside in Charleston, South Carolina with my wife and two daughters, managing a construction business.



  1. Ronald Jendrzejewski

    November 16, 2022 at 6:50 pm

    Awesome take on Pickett. While I don’t think he will be a top 10 qb in the league ever, I do think with the Steelers getting back to running the ball and a stifling defense he can be more than enough to win a super bowl. Get rid of Cana da and promote the assistant defensive coach to d Cood. Beef up o line next year with ready to play now picks and this is a very good team quickly

  2. Harold

    November 17, 2022 at 6:41 pm

    I can respect your take, and agree you can’t judge any QB after 6 games.. ! I also don’t honestly see KP being a long term Top QB (I don’t see a special “IT” factor) which is what Steeler fans are looking for – can’t blame a fan base to want the very best(remember he was a 20th pick for a team that was in dire need) and with this years draft their are a few studs! Kenny is a solid player and still very newwww, so we’ll see…. Def need canad a gone, OL isn’t great, but also not horrible honestly (but def needs some pieces) ..but overall QB is so important in todays game, more than ever!

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