Cam Heyward and Devin Bush Receive Local Honors

Steelers captain Cam Heyward was awarded the Chief Award, named after founder Art Rooney. It goes to the player who shows the most respect and cooperation towards the media on a day to day basis.

“I am not always the easiest to talk to,” Heyward told “I may not mince words. But when I do talk, I want to make sure I have your attention and I give you everything that I am thinking. With that I try to be respectful to my teammates and my coaches. I understand there are tough questions out there. I don’t have all of the answers but I’m going to try to give you the right answer most of the time. If I don’t have the right answer I will try to find out later on and revert back to you guys.”

This is the second time in Heyward’s career he has won the award.

Rookie Devin Bush was awarded the Joe Greene great performance award which is given to the Steelers top rookie each season. Bush has totalled 6 takeaways this season putting him in the top 5 of the NFL.

“He is a fast, skilled player,” said Bud Dupree. “His ability to go sideline to sideline with his speed is impressive. He makes a lot of splash plays for a rookie. He keeps playing better and better. The sky is the limit for Devin.”

Bush spoke about the changes that come with being an NFL player opposed to a college football player.

“Just the professional life, on and off the field,” said Bush. “Everything is different now. This is my job now. This is a high-stake job. This is a demanding job, as well as taking care of things off the field, just with your personal life, trying to balance the two as you are trying to learn the playbook and a whole new system. I think that was the biggest challenge.”

“I think I do. Coming in you don’t know what to expect. You hear all these stories about you may hit a rookie wall here, you may do this, you may feel this way. But you never know until you go through it. I have a good grasp on it for next year. It will be a lot easier for me.”

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