Cody White Added to Steelers Practice Squad

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By: G.Stryker, Twitter @SNStryker and Instagram @SNStryker


The Pittsburgh Steelers added wide receiver Cody White to the practice squad, filling the space made by the departure of Dan McCullers. White was picked up this year as an undrafted rookie free agent as a junior out of Michigan State University by the Kansas City Chiefs. He later spent some time in training camp with the New York Giants.

The Steelers now have five receivers on the active roster and three on the practice squad, matching their total number of receivers they have carried in years past, though six were usually on the active roster with two on the practice squad.

White has experience as a punt returner, and fielded one kick return as a freshman. He has also thrown the ball three times in college. His junior season, he had 66 catches for 922 yards and 6 touchdowns. Additionally, he was also a running option utilized on end-arounds.

Watching his tape, I see a combative ball catcher that attacks the football by working back towards it. He played on the outside and in the slot. He is a natural runner with good wiggle to make players miss. He has a long catch radius and extends well to high-point the football. He lacks elite speed, so he will have to rely on more polished route running and footwork to get open in the pros. White also relies on his body a little too much to make catches. He will have to improve his hand placement so they don’t become drops. His best attribute is working back to the football and getting open on extended plays — something quarterback Ben Roethlisberger loves in his receivers.

He’s not fast enough to play the Z and not polished enough to play the X, so I think the Steelers see a backup to play the big slot role manned by JuJu Smith-Schuster. Hopefully the knee issue Smith-Schuster has been dealing with for the past couple of weeks isn’t a bigger problem.

Watch Cody White’s college highlights below:


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