Contextualizing A Steelers Trade for Minkah Fitzpatrick

By Adam McCoy

After week 1, some Pittsburgh Steelers fans have been acting like the season is over and we need to tank it all. One, no, just no. Two, at least we’re not the Miami Dolphins. After an utterly embarrassing loss in week 1 to the Baltimore Ravens, it was reported that “multiple” players wanted traded out of Miami, and don’t want to partake in the #TankForTua movement.

One player that was granted permission to seek a trade is superstar defensive back, Minkah Fitzpatrick. 

Fitzpatrick was a 2018 1st round selection taken by the Dolphins at pick 11. In his rookie year, he posted 80 tackles, nine pass deflections, and two interceptions. He’s a leader on and off the field, and a versatile player who can play both safety spots, and has slot corner experience. As an added bonus, he’s under contract until 2021 on his rookie deal, and is only 22 years old.

So, what would it take for the Steelers to add a potentially critical piece to their secondary and bolster the defense as a whole? Early reports suggest the Dolphins are asking for a 2nd and more for Fitzpatrick. So, here are some proposals:


Steelers Receive: Minkah Fitzpatrick
Dolphins Receive: 2020 1st round pick

If the Steelers want to “high-ball” the trade market, they could look to send the Dolphins a 1st round pick, something they haven’t done in a trade since 1967 (traded 1st round pick to Green Bay for Lloyd Voss and Tony Jeter).  Chances are, the Steelers would have to sweeten the pot a bit here to get the Dolphins to bite, but they could settle for just a 1st round pick.


Steelers Receive: Minkah Fitzpatrick
Dolphins Receive: 2020 2nd round pick, 2020 4th round pick

This offer focuses on not having to give up a first round pick, something the Steelers evidently don’t like doing.  Trading away a 2nd and a 4th would only leave the Steelers with a 1st round pick for the first two days of the draft, a situation the Steelers are unlikely to put themselves in.


Steelers Receive: Minkah Fitzpatrick, 2020 3rd round pick
Dolphins Receive: Artie Burns, 2020 1st round pick

Swapping two former first rounders and draft picks here, the Steelers send Artie Burns back to South Florida where he will be given a second chance to revive his career in a contract year.  Sending Burns can afford the Steelers a chance  to replace the 3rd round pick they sent to the Denver Broncos when they traded up to select Devin Bush.


What would you send to the Dolphins to secure Minkah Fitzpatrick?  Let us know in the comments what you think!



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