Defensive Edge

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense will be overcoming adversity from last season as the 2018 season quickly approaches. One question most of Steeler Nation is curious about is, what kind of changes will be made to the defense?

One of the Steelers greatest known eras was when the Steel Curtain dominated the 1970s and any team that came their way. The defensive line won four Super Bowls in six years, something that we haven’t seen since then (IX, X, XII, and XIV).

With the loss of inside linebacker, Ryan Shazier, an enormous gap is left within the defense that is struggling to be replaced. But with that gap, the Steelers’ defense knows some big changes have to be made to be a ranked defense once again. With the draft coming up, the Steelers should focus on filling this missing piece.

“This is not going to be the same defense next year in 2018 than we were in 2017. So the people that come back and those that join us have to put their hand in the battle and be prepared to work hard and win,” linebacker, Vince Williams said addressing the upcoming season.

Cam Heyward, Stephon Tuitt, and T.J. Watt are just three of the impactful defensive players that we’re looking to make a big impact this season. With the build of the defense and the direction it’s going in, the Steelers have the chance to make the defense the aggressive and intimidating line that it used to be.

Heyward had 30 tackles in 2017 and with the amount of work he puts into the offseason, we can easily expect more from him in 2018. Watt crept his way to stardom last season with 39 tackles and can only get better as long as his health keeps intact.

All around, the Steelers’ defense will have to overcome the challenges they have faced last year and rebuild to have the strong and powerful defensive edge that will not only lead to a playoff run but in hopes of a Super Bowl appearance as well.

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