Donte Moncrief Looking to Be Difference Maker in Offense

By Jared Villani

The Pittsburgh Steelers have reaped the benefits of possessing one of the league’s top offenses in each of the last several seasons. After the loss of Antonio Brown, things obviously look different on paper, but the transition may be a lot smoother than imagined with their talent-filled receiving corps.

Newcomer Donte Moncrief is no stranger to the game, but he hasn’t always had such a dream scenario in regards to who he is catching passes from. Moncrief was welcomed into the league by Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, but unfortunately, he was on the receiving end of former Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles‘ passes last season. Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will be a fantastic change of pace for the talented receiver and big things could be coming for Moncrief this season.

At such a young age (25), Moncrief could very well eclipse the 1,000 yard mark and the 65 reception mark for the first time in his career. Both milestones are well within reach with Roethlisberger slinging him the ball. With Brown out of the equation, Moncrief is looking to solidify his spot in the Steelers offense alongside JuJu Smith-Schuster. It’s not at all out of the realm of possibilities to imagine Moncrief making a huge impact this season for Pittsburgh considering the team has remained one of the league’s most potent offensive teams the last several seasons.

The Steelers are undoubtedly out to prove that they can remain in the elite category without Brown, and Moncrief will look to have his best season yet in arguably the best offense he has been in since joining the league back in 2014.

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