Fantasy Football Mock Draft Series Week Two!

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By Matt Papiernik, @Matt_Papiernik on Twitter


In case you missed it, I am writing a series of articles revolving around Fantasy Football and the teams I end up with in various mocks. Each mock I do, I will be moving down the draft order, starting at the first overall pick, down to pick 10. These mocks will be taking place on

If you didn’t see the first article in this series, here is a link to check it out! First Overall Pick Fantasy Mock Draft

We are also tweeting out links on Twitter for all of our followers to take part in these mocks. These will be posted on our official SteelerNation Twitter account (@SteelerNation).

Similar to the first one, this mock draft also included two of our other writers. Both Zach Herbaugh and Sean McGeown were part of this mock again. Below are the results from this week, let’s see how it played out.



With the first pick in a PPR league, you have to go with Christian McCaffrey. There really isn’t another option. However, I will not complain snagging Saquon Barkley. I was a little surprised how high Dalvin Cook went with this being a PPR mock, especially with his hold out, which happened in both of these first two drafts.

With my second pick I was hoping one of Kenyan Drake, Josh Jacobs, or Nick Chubb would fall to me. That wasn’t the case, but Aaron Jones is a solid consolation price.

I am a strong proponent of waiting on a quarterback in fantasy. However, if the $500 million dollar man is there in the third round, you can’t pass him up. Patrick Mahomes can carry your team any given week.

Like usual, the first two rounds were filled with running backs.



Coming into my 4th and 5th round picks, I wanted to either go WR/WR or WR/RB. Either way I was 100% adding a WR. I was torn between Allen Robinson or Odell Beckham Jr., but overall Robinson with improved QB wins out for me.

Unfortunately, even though it was only three picks later, I couldn’t snag Odell after the turn. Robert Woods is someone I am high on this year though, so I wasn’t mad at all.

Waiting 16 picks isn’t the easiest, and you tend to miss out on some of the people you were hoping would fall, as I wanted a 3rd running back at 59. However, David Montgomery got snagged up right before my pick. Because of that, I went with three wide receivers in a row and snagged Keenan Allen.

I was very surprised with how many quarterbacks went in this group of picks, especially Drew Brees. Some people definitely missed out on some value reaching on some QB’s.



I knew going into the 7th round, I needed to grab a third running back. Running back is so thin this year with quality picks, so grabbing three running backs is key. Kareem Hunt is not someone I am mad about grabbing in a PPR league. He gets most of the passing work for the Cleveland Browns and should catch over 70 passes this season.

Coming back around, I definitely wanted Damien Williams. I think he has a big first half of the year with a short off-season. However, James White is still a solid grab in ppr as a pass catching specialist.

The run on tight ends in this stage let some solid wide receivers fall. Grabbing Tyler Boyd here was a no brainer for me with already having three running backs. Joe Burrow loves throwing to the slot, and Boyd will be a very good security blanket for him.

You can tell this draft was full of Pittsburgh Steelers fans, as Diontae Johnson is a pretty big reach at pick 69. But hey, still a great pick in #SteelerNation’s eyes.



This is where a lot of risk/reward comes into play, as the double digit rounds don’t yield many day one contributors. Grabbing Alexander Mattison here is the ultimate risk/reward play. He will either become a consistent starter, or could be cut after week one.

Tight ends went much earlier than I felt comfortable taking most of them, but I was fine grabbing Noah Fant in this area of the draft. He is one of the lower guys I think that can be a top 8 contributor at his position.

Brandon Aiyuk I think should be one of the first rookie wide receivers taken, but there were multiple drafted before him. He has by far the best opportunity to playing time of the rookie wide outs.

Again, I know it is a draft full of Steelers fans, but the 10th round is way to early to take a defense, even if you love them.




There are a few dart throws I like by myself and others in these rounds. I picked up Derrell Henderson Jr. as he may be the favorite in the Los Angeles Rams backfield this year.

Even though I grabbed Mahomes, Cam Newton is in a great spot to breakout this year, and if he does, I will have a top 5 QB to trade away.

Some others being picked this late that I liked were Justin Jackson and Anthony Miller. Both should have opportunity to prove themselves early in the season.

Again, why are defenses and kickers going before the last two rounds? They are so variable from year to year, and most people cycle through at least half a dozen over the course of the season, so why put more draft capital into them?



Overall, I like my team. My starters are very solid, especially in a PPR league. I didn’t feel like I made any reaches, and I think I got some good value late. It is hard to imagine a team with Saquon Barkley in a PPR league struggling, so the first spot is definitely a solid spot to be in. Also, With two potential top 5 QB’s? That is nice.

Let us know below what you think of this mock draft, and look out next Monday for our tweets so you can potentially draft with us!


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