Fantasy Never Stops! Find Out How Picking 4th Played Out!

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By Matt Papiernik, @Matt_Papiernik on Twitter


In case you missed it, I am writing a series of articles revolving around Fantasy Football and the teams I end up with in various mocks. Each mock I do, I will be moving down the draft order, starting at the first overall pick, down to pick 10. These mocks will be taking place on

If you didn’t see the first article in this series, here is a link to check it out! First Overall Pick Fantasy Mock Draft.

We are also tweeting out links on Twitter for all of our followers to take part in these mocks. These will be posted on our official SteelerNation Twitter account (@SteelerNation).

This is now the fourth mock of its kind done by SteelerNation, so I am now drafting 4th overall. Similar to the first three in the series, this mock draft also included two of our other writers. Both Zach Herbaugh and Sean McGeown were part of this mock yet again. Below are the results from this week, let’s see how it played out.



Like the other mocks, both Christian McCaffrey and Saquon Barkley go 1 and 2. No surprises there. Having the 4th pick is a decent spot. You either get one of Ezekiel Elliott or Alvin Kamara, or if you’re feeling bold Michael Thomas starts to come into play as well. I ended up with Kamara for back to back weeks now, and I am definitely happy getting an elite RB1.

With my second pick, I saw Kenyan Drake sliding down and I was ready to pluck either him or Josh Jacobs away. I noticed Jacobs and Kamara had the same bye week (yes this can be important), so I went with Drake.

Knowing I had a short turn around until my next pick, I was eyeing adding a WR1 with both my RB1 and RB2 drafted. Seeing Mike Evans there made my heart happy as I was afraid I was going to miss out on a true WR1.

This mock gave very little surprises early on. One thing to note is Clyde Edwards-Helaire going 7th overall. With Damien Williams opting out for the 2020 season, Edwards-Helaire now has no real competition for touches in the leagues most explosive offense.



Coming into my 4th and 5th round picks, I wasn’t sure how it was going to shake out. I was surprised with the number of solid RBs still on the board, and was hoping one of the ones I wanted would fall to me. This happened, as Le’Veon Bell fell into my lap at pick 37, which in my opinion is a steal.

Back around in the 5th round I really needed to grab a WR2. With four WRs coming off the board between my two picks, I was deciding between Cooper Kupp and Keenan Allen. Ultimately, I grabbed Kupp simply because of the unknown with Allen’s QB play this season.

I was happy being able to snag David Montgomery in the 6th. Montgomery is going to have the benefit of being force fed the ball on early downs, whether he has success or not. That usually leads to some fantasy success and a decent amount of TDs.

Yet again no huge surprises in this group of round. Both Cam Akers and Kareem Hunt went a little higher than I would have expected, but nothing egregious. The group of running backs going in the 4th round is definitely good to see, as it will give me confidence to grab a WR or two before the 4th round.



This section of the draft is where it started getting interesting. The man picking in the 3rd spot (YoBoyCrinkles) always seemed to be in my head a little bit when picking before me.

With already four RBs and only two WRs, I definitely wanted to grab 1-2 wide receivers here. I ended up happy selecting Courtland Sutton, however, I did have Diontae Johnson as a possible option in my head and Crinkles snagged him up. No harm no foul, might be a tad early, but I do like Johnson this year.

In the 8th round another WR I really like was there in Tyler Boyd. Boyd is going to thrive in the slot with his new QB Joe Burrow, as Burrow also thrived throwing to the slot in college.

Now with having four players selected at both the RB and WR positions, I had some freedom to deviate from past plans. I was thinking of grabbing a QB earlier than normal, simply to see it play out.

I was definitely thinking of grabbing Deshaun Watson, that is before YoBoyCrinkles decided to snag him a pick before me. AND IT IS HIS SECOND QB! Again, dude must be in my head. Overall that is frustrating, but getting Aaron Rodgers as a consolation prize isn’t going to hurt my feelings. I think he has a big year now that he is being doubted yet again.

I was definitely surprised how early Ronald Jones II went. He hasn’t put much together so far in his career, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have now brought in two RBs to compete for touches. Not sure that is where I’d be putting my money this early in the draft.



Now this is where YoBoyCrinkles really boiled my blood. So much so that I even typed in the chat “F*CK YOU CRINKLES”… not my shining moment from this draft, but I promised I’d put it in the article.

I was only needing a tight end to fill out my roster. When my pick came up I saw that 2 of the 3 teams that pick in between my picks already had tight ends. Cool, because both Hunter Henry and Tyler Higbee were still available. Both options I was good with, and I didn’t think both would be taken with only one team needing a tight end.

I was sadly mistaken…. YoBoyCrinkles did it again, taking BOTH TIGHT ENDS I WANTED!!!

Now I am left without a TE I want, and all because someone wanted to draft a backup before I drafted my starter. Fun times.

Overall in this area I grabbed Tarik Cohen, Will Fuller V, and Justin Jefferson. I’m happy with the value I got, but would’ve definitely liked a tight end in this area. Cohen will also be a nice compliment since I have already drafted Montgomery.

Don’t let my little rant distract you from the fact that not one, not two….. THREE PEOPLE DRAFTED A DEFENSE in this section. Inexcusable to draft a defense before the last two rounds.



Here we go, some more defenses drafted before round 15 or 16. At least there weren’t any kickers drafted before then, that is a positive at least.

My last two position picks are definitely interesting to me and I am sure many readers. LeSean McCoy was signed recently by the Bucs, and I think he has a shot to become Tom Brady’s preferred running back. McCoy is a veteran who did well when called upon last season, and there aren’t many others in that back field worth trusting.

The TE I ended up with is Blake Jarwin. I wanted Noah Fant, but he went shortly before my pick. Jarwin is likely going to be the starting TE for the Dallas Cowboys, and while that isn’t an elite spot, it should still come close to yielding low end TE1 results.

I also like the dart throws of Cam Newton, Brandon Aiyuk, and Damien Harris. All three could be solid late round grabs that result in some good seasons.



Overall I definitely like this team. I have 4-5 RBs that could definitely finish in the top 20-25 this season. My WRs are strong as well, as I have three different teams number one option, and may even have 4 or 5 as the season comes along.

Grabbing Rodgers and Jarwin aren’t the typical QB/TE combo I end up with, but I definitely am happy with it. Rodgers should be on a revenge tour, and if Jarwin doesn’t pan out, you can usually snag a serviceable TE on the waiver wire.

Let us know below what you think of this mock draft, and look out next Monday for our tweets so you can potentially draft with us!


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