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By: John Walker, @realjohnwalker

Saturday, the NFL saw a blockbuster trade take place between the Seattle Seahawks and New York Jets that sent First-Team All Pro safety Jamal Adams out to the AFC East. With yet another young star safety on the move, it was going to be interesting to see the price tag that Adams came with, compared to the one of nowPittsburgh Steelers Minkah Fitzpatrick last season.

When the details broke of the compensation, it was revealed the Jets received multiple 1st round picks as part of the exchange for Adams. That news surely had to make the Steelers front office and fans around the world again celebrate their deal with Miami last season in which the Steelers only sent the Miami Dolphins one 1st round pick in their package for Fitzpatrick.

There were multiple picks involved with both trades, so let’s take a look at the full details between both deals:

Seahawks Received:

  • Jamal Adams
  • 2022 4th Round Pick

Jets Received:

  • Bradley McDougald
  • 2021 1st Round Pick
  • 2022 1st Round Pick
  • 2021 3rd Round Pick

Steelers Received:

  • Minkah Fitzpatrick
  • 2020 4th Round Pick
  • 2020 7th Round Pick

Dolphins Received:

  • 2020 1st Round Pick
  • 2020 5th Round Pick
  • 2021 6th Round Pick

Now keep in mind that Jamal Adams is considered by many to be the best safety in the league. However the drop off, if any, to Minkah Fitzpatrick is not nearly as significant as an additional 1st round pick. Both players were named First-Team All Pros and were named to the Pro Bowl in 2019. When the Steelers acquired Fitzpatrick last season, the general consensus was that he was a very promising young safety that would one day be great. Had the Dolphins have known just how great, they would’ve certainly requested a bigger haul for their prized young defensive back. But luckily for Pittsburgh, they banked on the potential and Fitzpatrick took an immediate leap from “promising young player” to a solidified superstar in the NFL.

So is their a gap between the two best safeties in the league? And if so, how far is it? Well, let’s compare the statistics between the two since 2018 when Fitzpatrick entered the league.


Adams – 190

Fitzpatrick – 149


Adams – 2

Fitzpatrick- 7

Forced Fumbles:

Adams – 5

Fitzpatrick- 2

Fumble Recoveries:

Adams – 2

Fitzpatrick – 3


Adams – 10

Fitzpatrick – 0


Adams – 1

Fitzpatrick- 1

As you can see, the numbers indicate very similar or identical stats in most major categories except two. Interceptions and sacks. The numbers show that while both elite, both Fitzpatrick and Adams bring different dynamics to their respective defenses. Adams is around the line of scrimmage more. He does it all. He tackles, gets after the QB, and plays everywhere. Fitzpatrick, while also a great tackler in his own right, is much more of a ball hawk and forces consistent turnovers. So I guess it would all come down to preference or which one your defense had a more dire need for. Ed Reed-Troy Polamalu vibes anyone?

All in all, the deal for Seattle to acquire Jamal Adams may very well work in their favor. It was still a good deal for the Jets, too. Both teams did well. However, it’s very clear that Steelers GM Kevin Colbert hit a grand slam with his trade to bring Minkah Fitzpatrick to Pittsburgh. They got an absolute steal for a guy that will anchor the back of their defense for many years to come. They could surely double their investment (in draft picks) now if they wanted to, but that’s not going to happen. Everyone involved in Pittsburgh football is more than happy/satisfied with #39 in their secondary terrorizing opposing quarterbacks.

So tell us #SteelerNation, although you didn’t need it, how much even better does the Adams deal make you feel about the Fitzpatrick one? Comment below!

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