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By G.Stryker

Mock drafts are all the rage this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy them tremendously. Matt Papiernik and CJ Lester are our resident pros. They actually do things like research players and study film. Their well thought out breakdowns of players, draft slots, and how those possible players can fit the needs of the 2020 Pittsburgh Steelers outweighs my abilities for true draft breakdowns. You can see Matt’s most recent mock here: Matt’s Weekly Mock.

I don’t have their commitment to the draft process, but I do have something that all sports writers possess: an opinion, and a means to have it published. So spin dem terrible towels and get ready for my terrible attempt at a mock draft for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I utilized the most recent mock draft by Matt Miller at the Bleacher Report for my mock choices. So get ready to mock my choices as we enter Stryker’s first official mock draft. My rules are simple: the players taken must be taken after the pick selected on this mock, no trades, moving up, or moving down.


49) RB JK Dobbins OSU – OSU is a good team, right?

I mean they seem to be playing for a national championship each year. Turns out, they have a good running back as well. I personally like running backs that can run and catch, as well as block on certain passing downs. JK seems to check those boxes, or so I’ve read. So JK is my first choice for the Steelers, in the second round.


102) EDGE Khalid Kareem, ND – Steelers could use edge depth.

Is Bud Dupree going to be signed long term? Who knows? But Notre Dame is a good program with a good defense and a good player who rushes the passer. Plus, I was always a fan of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar growing up, so the edge goes to this edge rusher!


124) TE Albert Okwuegbunam, Missouri

Now being a sports writer following the Steelers, I have at least heard that the Steelers have interviewed him and show interest in drafting him. This TE draft is poor. The best TE in the draft, Cole Kmet is projected to go around the slot when the Steelers first draft in the 2nd round. Picking up a TE that high would be foolish IMHO. Steelers have two starters now with Vance McDonald and Eric Ebron, so drafting one high would diminish the ability for the tight end to make an impact. Grabbing a TE in the 4th though is much better value, a player you can develop and possibly utilize as a 3rd TE in some sets. Albert checks all the boxes for a Steelers TE — he can block, can catch, is big, has all 10 fingers and toes. Check, he’s the pick.


135) IOL Nick Harris, Washington

With Ramon Foster retiring and BJ Finney moving on to greener pastures (Cha-Ching!), the Steelers have a serious need for a left guard, as well as a backup center. Nick has experience as both a starting guard and center. The Steelers love position flexible players when they are young because they usually carry 7-8 active linemen on game days, so backups have to play multiple positions if someone is injured. Nick can do that, I think, or at least I hope he can. Fingers crossed!


198) S K’Von Wallace, Clemson – Steelers need safety depth.

They are set at all starting positions on defense minus a true nose guard, but it doesn’t seem like the Steelers are interested in those anymore, so safety depth it is. You know what I love most about K’Von? His name! Sounds like he was raised by Klingons. So growing up as a warrior on a rugged home world is a perfect addition to add aggression and honor to the Steelers defense.


232) WR Darnell Mooney, Tulane – Oh crap, I forgot to add a wide receiver.

Whelp, I guess I have to do it here. It is a wide receiver heavy draft, so I’m surprised to find a receiver in the 7th round who runs a 4.38 40-yard dash. Plus he’s a quick receiver and is good at turning routine plays into big plays with his ability to make people miss after the catch. The Steelers need another slot option, and Mooney just may be the guy.


So that’s it. Time to mock my picks. Think you can do better? Let’s see your mock options in the comments section below!


Season ticket holder and lifelong Steeler fanatic. Hosts the Podcast and Steeler Nation Forum Member: Cope

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