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Heyward Tells Bush to Calm Down

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Heyward Tells Bush to Calm Down

It’s been quite a few weeks on social media for Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Devin Bush. Bush has always been active on Twitter, but not to the extent he has been recently.

Mostly he’s just been posting nonsense, but he retweeted a video of a cat presumably falling to its death. You can find that one on your own. But that sparked many Steelers fans, and animal lovers alike to lash out at Bush. He wasn’t phased by the attacks and never took down the tweet. It does look like the original video has been removed, though.

Before that he spoke out against grown men having the TikTok application on their phone.

That was largely controversial because of JuJu Smith-Schuster and Chase Claypool being big proponents of TikTok. But the fans tended to make a bigger deal over that than the players did.




He then attacked some content creators, which caused an uproar with some in the creators community. But it also caught the eye of Tennessee Titans running back, Darrynton Evans.

That obviously struck a nerve.

Now yesterday Bush continued his newly found love for posting one liners, generally cryptic one liners.

But this one was finally met with some friendly push back from Steelers captain Cameron Heyward.

Now we don’t know exactly if there’s more to this or not. Maybe a couple text messages or DMs went flying around too. He continued to post a couple things, but nothing off the rails like most of his latest tweets. But it seems like Bush needs training camp to start just as much as the rest of Steeler Nation. I mostly just write this off as Bush being young, and bored. Nothing more. He’s going to be a super star in this league, let’s just hope that all of this goes away once the season kicks off.


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