Hidden Play: Week 11 at Jacksonville: Move…Get Out the Way!

AP Photo/Gary McCullough

By G.Stryker:

Games are full of special moments.  Most are easy to see and are part of the highlight reel each week.  Some moments happen just out of the limelight of the big play, but without their efforts those big plays don’t happen.  These hidden plays can be a block, a pressure, a tip, or football IQ creating the impact that is the difference between success and failure.

The Steelers needed a lot of help to get to a game winning play.  Execution on big plays, multiple touchdowns, defensive stops, benefitting on penalties, and a lineman making sure he didn’t make a block?

The Steelers lined up on the 1 yard line with 8 seconds left holding a timeout.  The play call was a tight end shovel pass behind the line of scrimmage to Vance McDonald.  The ball was snapped and the Jaguars were all over this play. Ben looked to the flat for Antonio Brown, but he was covered as well.  James Conner didn’t even turn around for the football, so he was out. Everyone else was in decoy mode and covered.

So Ben could have thrown the ball away, but that’s just not in his DNA.  Instead, he tucked the ball and dove for the end zone. The offensive line was just as surprised as the defense.  Matt Feiler was out in front ready to throw a block, but Myles Jack was already behind him.

Since Jack had Ben in an ankle lock, the QB had to dive, but Feiler was in the way and sees Ben lunging.  What does he do? He jumps up and bends his body backward, to avoid the charging Big Ben. Ben still hits Feiler in the back side with his helmet, but if not for Feiler’s smart avoidance, Ben would have been stopped by his own lineman, instead of scoring the game winning touchdown.

Thank you Matt Feiler for avoiding contact, and making the smart play that allowed Ben to cross the goal line for the win!

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