Hope In A Seemingly Hopeless Time

Rebecca Mehling/Pittsburgh Steelers

Jordan DeFigio, @fidgenewton

2020 has been a year that has been more full of downs than ups, more heartbreak than happiness. And in a season where jobs are being lost, health is threatened, and life as we know it has been turned on its head, everyone is in need of heroes to step in and step up. Some heroes wear scrubs, some wear aprons, and others wear black and gold.

Ben Roethlisberger and Vance McDonald with their wives Ashley and Kendi, worked alongside the Pittsburgh Steelers to partner with Convoy of Hope, a faith-based nonprofit whose main goal is to provide food for anyone who needs it.

“We’re seeing an unprecedented level of people needing access to emergency basic needs, to which really boils down to food,” said Wendy Koch of United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania. “The United Way is focused for the next 12-18 months on supporting partners, and working with partners, to make sure they have access for food, medicine and cleaning supplies.”

People are in need. And the heart behind the team that is the backbone this very city rests on is to rise to the occasion and reach out a hand from that solid beam of steel to lend it to others who might be sinking. In addition to Roethlisberger, Ashley, McDonald, and Kendi, countless other volunteers were on the scene to assist in unloading the truck and packing the items to be sent out.

“There is that little bit of pride that people have, the thought that you have to rely on someone to help you get through a crisis like this. Being able to have that link to the Steelers, the hometown team, makes it a little easier and more personal. It opens that door. You don’t have the same barrier or wall of pride. Hopefully it will encourage people to come out and get what they need.” McDonald said.

“At the end of the day the message is hope,” McDonald continued. “To have everyone come together I hope will bring more families to a place where needs are being met. I love the fuel we are running with right now with the Steelers, the enthusiasm we have.”

People have had to let go of the familiar, of comfort, of safety and accept the one thing that is often the most difficult — help. But as it has been throughout this city’s storied history, there is never a lack of helpers. After all, Mr. Rogers’ mother said it best;

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”


How are you finding hope in these crazy times? How have you seen the city of Pittsburgh come together? Comment below!


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