Instant Reactions: Steelers @ Titans Preseason Week 3

By Adam McCoy


Get a look inside my mind (a scary thought) during the Pittsburgh Steelers games.  All the hot takes, all the rage, and all the elation as I share with you my instant reactions each week.  Enjoy!


1st Quarter

Okay Matt Feiler, nice chop block.

Like seeing five wide sets, don’t like seeing 1st team offense stall on first possession.

This camera angle sucks, why are they still trying this?

Love seeing Devin Bush in on a tackle for loss on that first play. Unfortunate penalty on Stephon Tuitt.

Kameron Kelly is making the 53-man roster. Dont @ me.

Real exciting stuff here, nice punt from Jordan Berry who needs to have some nice kicks if he wants to hold onto his job.


Conner is running at will early. Good work by the big men up front.

Easy touchdown. One on one with no safety help to JuJu Smith-Schuster.  Get used to that sight.

Tuitt again, Bud Dupree in as well.  Steelers are looking to replicate their league-leading sack production from last year.

Big game here for Mason Rudolph. Could very well win the backup job tonight.

Oh my god. Mason Rudolph just dropped that DIME into James Washington. Easy touchdown.

Is Ryan Tannehill going to be the starter in Tennessee?


2nd Quarter

Oh god, please get that image of Chris Collinsworth off my screen.

Al Michaels has called two people thick now. Good memes Al. Thicc.

Cam Heyward gets into the backfield.  Starting defense looking really good.

Not a great look on that INT.

Let’s go Vince Williams! All the talk around Mark Barron and Devin Bush, nice to see Vince get involved.

Kameron Kelly forcing a fumble! #3 safety on the team for sure.

Let’s hope Sean Davis is okay. Might be time to take the starters out.

Heyward again. Just inhaled Tannehill.  This defense could very well be top 5 this year.


3rd Quarter

MAC players are continuous gems for the Steelers, and Tuzar Skipper is looking like another great find from Toledo.

No more Mason Rudolph. Josh Dobbs comes in for what I assume is the 3rd, Devlin Hodges for the 4th.

Johnny Holton with a bad OPI call.

Wow, Diontae Spencer is FAST. Decent competition for the returning position this year.

As much as I love Mason Rudolph, Josh Dobbs brings an element to the game that no one else on the roster brings, that was a nice job extending the play, avoiding sacks, and getting the completion.

Oh wait, that wasn’t complete? Here we go with the Mike Tomlin challenge flag. Everyone cross your fingers.

Good catch, good challenge.

For once I agree with Collinsworth.  Dobbs has made some splash plays, but in terms of consistency, Rudolph has shown to be the superior quarterback.


4th Quarter

Man Toledo churns out linebackers. Tuzar Skipper with a nice ankle tackle splitting blocks.  Gonna be hard to not include him on the 53-man roster.

Justin Layne continues to struggle in coverage.  Definitely a project corner, but has the physical skills to make it in a few years.

Nice punch out by Marcus Allen. There was a big focus on forcing turnovers this off-season and that’s been apparent, even though the Steelers have yet to recover a fumble, forcing them is a good start.

Why are the Titans kicking a field goal? It’s preseason, keep your offense out there!

Wait, it’s 4th and 1 after the penalty and you’re STILL kicking it? Maybe I’ve just been playing too much Madden.

Well thank god for that facemask because that double reverse was not going to work, but I respect the play call.

Another INT for Dobbs. 0/2 now during the preseason.  Honestly expected more from him this preseason.

That’s twice now he’s missed high for Zach Gentry. Gentry comes in at 6’8″, you can’t miss those throws, especially not high.

How many sacks is that now? My goodness this defense.

Thanks, Al Michaels. Seven sacks.

Solid game.  Nothing flashy, but a dominate performance by the defense, both starters and backups.  If the starting offense stayed on the field longer, this score would be a bit more lopsided.


How do you think we did tonight!? Comment below!




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