Instant Reactions: Week Three – Steelers @ 49ers

By Adam McCoy


Get a look inside my mind (a scary thought) during the Pittsburgh Steelers games.  All the hot takes, all the rage, and all the elation as I share with you my instant reactions each week.  Enjoy!


1st Quarter

First career start for Mason Rudolph. I’m feeling good about it. But first, defense get us the ball quickly.

How hype would it be if the first drive ended with a Minkah Fitzpatrick interception?

I’ll take a TJ Watt interception though! Lets go D!

I swear if we revert to this screen and pitch offense again, I’m going to lose my mind.  

3 points are better than no points, but with that field position you have to be looking for 6.

There is Stephon Tuitt yet again! 3.5 sacks early in the year. Already 3 off his career high.

Yikes, that’s an ugly play for the Niners. Unfortunate we don’t recover that, but 2nd and 28 works too.

Well. Another quick 3 and out. Please tell me Diontae Johnson isn’t going to start dropping everything.


Hey would you look at that, a first down!

3rd down. We can’t settle for another field goal here. I don’t want to see Chris Boswell unless he is kicking a PAT.

6-0. Could very well be 14-0. Offense needs to get it going while the defense is doing their best job.

I wish there was another Jerome Bettis. That man is in a league of his own when it comes to running backs.

Man, Kyle Juszczyk is an absolute animal of a full back.  There isn’t another fullback in the league that makes that catch.

WOW! 3rd turnover! And its Minkah AGAIN! Devin Bush falls onto the loose ball!

Rudolph misses Vance McDonald high.  That’s not a throw he’s going to keep missing as the season goes.

These roughing the passer calls are kind of ridiculous.


2nd Quarter

Bush just has a nose for the football.  The 49ers are quite literally just giving us the ball right now.


As uninspiring as the offense has looked, the 49ers defense has looked really good. Very underrated unit.

If Jimmy Garopollo didn’t know TJ Watt before today, he does now.

Hold them to a chip shot field goal. Offense needs a big drive now.  

Hey, look! It’s a first down! Nice job by Diontae Johnson in open space, one of the big reasons the Steelers drafted him.

Mason Rudolph just threw a NASTY block on Nick Bosa.

I’m getting way too excited about first downs out here.  But that’s what it’s come to now.

This front 4 for San Fran is actually terrifying. 

6-3 into the half.  Not great. Not bad. Definitely not good.


3rd Quarter

Offense needs to use this first drive as a tempo setter. 

Welp. 49ers continue to give Rudolph no time to throw, and here the interception is thrown.

That’s how you capitalize off a turnover. Niners take the lead 10-6.

The more I think about this offense and how good they should be, the more I realize how bad Randy Fichtner is.

Mason is noticeably throwing balls high on all his receivers.

This is the worst performance from a Steelers o-line in YEARS. This Niners front has them scrambling.

Thank God that was dropped. Joe Haden had that pick taken away from him before Deebo Samuel made a nice play on the ball, just couldn’t come down with it.


The 49ers love to attack the middle of the field with their speed receivers.  Let’s see if the defense keys in on that.

Certainly didn’t take them long to answer.

Time to keep up with the tempo now.  You have to answer that score with one of your own.


4th Quarter

Fake the punt, you won’t.

Ola Adeniyi sighting!

I’m not complaining about the penalty for us, but that definitely doesn’t seem like a blindside block to me.

Longest run of the day for James Conner. Hopefully can get into a rhythm here late in the game.

Targeting Jason Verrett right off the bat. Smart move.  

Verrett isn’t a name known by most as he is rarely healthy, but he was an animal at TCU, and it’s a shame to see injuries derail someone’s career.


And look who was in coverage, Jason Verrett.

I find myself forgetting that Diontae Johnson is a rookie. I’ve really liked what I’ve seen so far from him, gonna make it harder for Donte Moncrief to find his way back into the lineup. 

I spoke of it earlier.  Offense needed to turn on while the defense was playing lights out.  Now the defense needs to step it up with the offense clicking.

Lmao. The 49ers are beating the 49ers. Nice to see another team beat themselves for once.

The Steelers should absolutely look to chew some clock here, but points are needed also. Get a touchdown, chew the clock, win this game. 

Or a fumble. I cannot handle this game.

Can we get a 6th turnover? Is that asking too much?

Can we sack Jimmy G? 

Oh no, Cam Heyward down. Not a good sign.  

What a bad penalty to take for Mark Barron.

Now it’s time for Mason Rudolph to be the hero.

This hurts to watch.  

5 turnovers. 6 points.  Inexcusable. Front office needs to do something uncharacteristic and fire Randy Fichtner.  

Season is not over. But this one hurts.


How do you think we did!? Comment below!



  1. Keith C.

    September 23, 2019 at 2:49 pm

    fire fitchner!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!

  2. Margaret Vaughan

    September 23, 2019 at 7:12 pm

    Sad. I feel sorry for the defense. They rocked the house. Without Ben, we have work to do. Never give up. I watched the number 1 of 100 greatest plays. Miracles do happen. And the Steelers are always there. Pray for them that they keep the faith.

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