Instant Reactions: Week Two – Steelers vs Seahawks

By Adam McCoy


Get a look inside my mind (a scary thought) during the Pittsburgh Steelers games.  All the hot takes, all the rage, and all the elation as I share with you my instant reactions each week.  Enjoy!


1st Quarter

I swear if it’s a pitch or screen on 3rd down…

Well, it wasn’t a pitch or screen.

Nice to see Sean Davis in the lineup this week, I liked Kam Kelly in preseason but it’s a different game.

TJ WATT, LET’S GO. Just swallowed Russell Wilson!

Two 3 and outs.  This is feeling oddly familiar.

Do it Tuitt!

Nice to see Mark Barron get in there too.  We win if we keep up this pressure against any team.

LETS GOOOOOOOOO! What did I say?

First career carry for Benny Snell, I love it! Huge carry to start this drive.

Thank God offsetting penalties result in a replay of first down.

Wowee, Tyler Lockett is fast. Forced that illegal block in the back.

TJ Watt with the massive hit to force the ball out.

Ah yeah, that’s a bad penalty on Sean Davis.


2nd Quarter

Wow, Jaylen Samuels caught that? Out of bounds, but wow. Easy pass interference call though.

Oh great, challenging the PI. Here we go.

Easy touchdown! James Conner gets us our first TD of the year!

What is that shot of Shaquille Griffin? Just mouth agape staring into the oblivion.

Please be fine, TJ Watt.

He should be okay, looks like the wind just got knocked out of him.

I didn’t see Vince Williams go down, doubtful for return.  Looks like we’re going to see a lot more Devin Bush.

Great stop on 3rd and 1.  Filled every gap and force a field goal try.

What is that penalty???

Welp. Tie game.

This offense has been insanely disappointing so far.  It looks like they are running the most vanilla offense possible, and it’s obviously not working.

Holding on the play and Wilson was still swallowed up by three Steelers.  Stephon Tuitt again. Have yourself a game.

25 minutes into the game and we finally get a reception for a wide receiver.  Let’s try to make it two.

There we go. Nice snag by James Washington.

Don’t look now, but we’re driving!

Another amazing catch out of bounds in that spot.  That’s an amazing catch by JuJu Smith-Schuster.

Wonder if we see Mason Rudolph come in if the Steelers get the ball back before the end of the half.

Not a bad first half.  Could be better, but surely could be worse.


3rd Quarter

I hope they don’t put Ben back in immediately. Not worth making something worse on your throwing arm.  Time to see what Mason Rudolph is all about.

I don’t like seeing a safety in man coverage on Tyler Lockett, but nice open field tackling by Terrell Edmunds.

I shouldn’t be this excited for our backup quarterback to be playing, but I am.

Cut Donte Moncrief. Right now.

Moncrief shouldn’t play another down this game.  Zero fundamentals shown in two weeks. Disgusting. Leaves Rudolph out to dry on a great throw.

Steven Nelson has been amazing in man coverage against DK Metcalf.

Well and of course the turnover results in a touchdown.

Just enjoyed Twitter destroying Moncrief during a commercial break. I feel better now.

Okay yeah, Grimble can’t catch either.  Try again Mason, you’ll find one of those guys who can catch.

THE FLEA FLICKER!? I LOVE IT!  Mason Rudolph with a CANNON. AMAZING catch by JuJu. Lets go Steelers!

Chris Boswell looking good early.

Anthony Chickillo has to make that tackle. Where is Ola Adeniyi?

Rudolph is starting to settle in, he looks very poised in the pocket.


4th Quarter

Wow, what an adjustment by Diontae Johnson! That’s an amazing catch!

Nine straight completions now for Rudolph. I love it.

Rudolph does not look like a quarterback playing in his first NFL game.  I’m extremely impressed thus far.


I cannot believe how calm he was under pressure to get that TD throw off to Vance McDonald. Love seeing Rudolph call for 2 there.

2 point game, this is fine. Odd, the offense is looking better without Ben.

Okay, hear me out. Ben comes in Week 2 to replace Tommy Maddox and leads the Steelers to a 15-1 record. Is the prophecy being fulfilled now with Mason Rudolph?  Everything must end as it began.

That graphic showing Mason Rudolph’s one career touchdown lmao, why.

One trend I have noticed in the first two weeks I like is the Steelers not taking a ton of penalties. Hopefully that can continue through the rest of the season.

Bud Dupree is so lucky that wasn’t called. He’d be the second player to get run out of Pittsburgh today.

Pete Carroll challenging the pass interference again.  You’re killing me, Pete.

You’re killing me with that call.

Why are we having Edmunds in man coverage constantly? He’s not horrible at it, but it’s surely not great either.

Time to see what Mason Rudolph is really about here. 9 point game.

Defense needs a 3 and out or turnover here.  Give the offense another opportunity.

Devin Bush just looked real confused there but we got that turnover!

No way that’s going to be a touchback, right?

THE VANIMAL! Perfect play call right there! Two touchdowns for Vance now, and two for Rudolph.

Defense, give it back to them please.

Big 3rd and long, Keep ’em out of field goal range.

He’s definitely short, but they get the field goal opportunity now.

Oh God, they’re going for it.

That’s the first, and that’s the game.

That’s a tough loss, but way better than last week.  I expect things to start coming together for this team soon.


How do you think we did today!? Comment below!


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