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By Liam Egan

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in obvious need of a replacement quarterback for when Ben Roethlisberger hangs things up. Many fans are calling for that guy to be Jalen Hurts.

The Steelers lack of draft capital forces them into a tough position when it comes to finding Ben’s successor, that’s why so many fans bring up Hurts’ name as a potential mid round option. Unfortunately, the reality is Hurts isn’t the guy and the Steelers most likely won’t find someone this off-season to replace Big Ben. With the lack of draft capital paired with the lack of cap space, the team is in no position to chase a successor this season. On top of that, Jalen Hurts is not a franchise quarterback, simply put. Hurts played in an extremely QB friendly system with one of the greatest offensive minds in Lincoln Riley. Hurts wasn’t asked to go through three progressions and find a check down. He showcased that ability or lack there of during Senior Bowl practices and the game. There are a few other quarterbacks to keep an eye on, but that’s another topic for another article. The Steelers are likely to wait until 2021 to find the future starting quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What do you think the Steelers should do about their quarterback position this off-season? Comment below!


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