It Will Be Fun to Watch Some of These League Wide Competitions this Year

By G.Stryker

This season’s Pittsburgh Steelers have a new feel to them.  Gone are the days of selfish players pointing to themselves, instead of playing hard for the team.  This group has been working hard to be the best they can, and are doing it without distractions. Antonio Brown‘s antics now warrant chuckles instead of heart pains.  Though the ghosts of Steelers past may be gone, they are not forgotten. Here are some league wide competitions that I think will make some of the Steelers work harder this season:


James Conner vs Le’Veon Bell

Conner has mentioned numerous times how he respects Bell and all that they shared his rookie year.  Though Bell held out all of last season, it didn’t slow down Conner’s progression as he earned his first Pro Bowl appearance. They still text each other, so I’m sure they will congratulate each other when the other does well, but I’m also positive they will keep a close eye on how they compare with one another.  Last year, Conner was the winner, racking up nearly 1,500 yards and 13 touchdowns to Bell’s zero. This season, Bell will be returning with something to prove — that he is the best in the league. But Conner will also look to show his former mentor that the pupil has become the master. Edge: Le’Veon Bell


Antonio Brown vs JuJu Smith-Schuster

How different can two people be on social media?  JuJu is all about inclusion, fun, and love, while AB is all about “me” and how everything relates to “me”.  On the field, there was a competition that only AB seemed to care about — stats. Though AB led the league in receiving touchdowns with 15, JuJu led the team in receptions (111) and yardage (1,426).  The final straw that stirred AB’s drink of madness seemed to come when JuJu was named the team MVP ahead of the last game of the year. The following week created a situation where AB gave up on his team and withdrew from the Pro Bowl.  Only fitting that JuJu was given the spot he vacated. This season, AB still will care more about who has the better stats, but JuJu’s calm demeanor and the fact that he has the better quarterback will help his production. Edge: JuJu Smith-Schuster


TJ Watt vs JJ Watt

Nothing is more competitive than brotherly competition.  The younger brother is always nipping at the older brother’s heels, trying to show them what they can do.  To be accepted in their own right for their abilities. Last year, TJ took a big step closer to his big brother.  Former defensive player of the year JJ, still showed the league how it’s done when he rushes the quarterback. He finished second in the league with 16 sacks.  Little brother TJ didn’t take long to hit the charts, tied for #7 in the league with 13 sacks, and earned his first Pro Bowl appearance. Through interviews, you can hear TJ is not satisfied with his accomplishments, and will be working hardest to take JJ down.  Personally, I think TJ will eventually become a top defender in the league, but I think he’s still just one more year away. Edge: JJ Watt


Ben Roethlisberger vs The World

I don’t understand why Ben doesn’t get the accolades for his accomplishments.  He led the league in attempts, completions, yards, and passes over 40 yards, but all analysts seem to see is how he led the league in interceptions.  The guy has two Super Bowl rings in three appearances, but still isn’t viewed as elite. This season will be the biggest season for Ben, because he still has something to prove.  He’s going to play as hard as he can to show the league that the success of the Steelers doesn’t hinge on AB or Bell.  It hinges on the healthy arm of #7.  If he ever has a chance to become an MVP, this is it.  All of his playmakers are gone, so it’s up to Ben to distribute the ball throughout the entire roster to carry this team to a division title.  And if he does that, he will definitely be in the conversation for league MVP.  I’m not saying he’s going to be the MVP, but I wouldn’t put anything past a more relaxed, rejuvenated quarterback, who is now the unquestioned leader of his team. Edge: Big Ben


How do you see these matchups unfolding?  Do you see any matchups I may have missed?  Respond below and give us your thoughts!


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