Kevin Dotson Continues To Shine

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By Matt Papiernik, @Matt_Papiernik on Twitter


Is it just me, or does it seem like every time Kevin Dotson enters the game for the Pittsburgh Steelers he is standing out on my television screen? Last week against the Philadelphia Eagles, Dotson came into the game to replace an injured David DeCastro, and he did not disappoint.

Dotson was able to consistently get a push in the run game, as well as hold his own in pass protection. This is an impressive performance, as he often was going up against All-Pro DT Fletcher Cox.

His best play was on James Conner’s 25-yard run in the second quarter, which was his longest on the day. Dotson registered a pancake in the stat column, as he managed to put Cox on his back.

Dotson also showed improvement in his pass protection against the Eagles. Frequently he displayed good hand usage and quick feet to keep his man in front of him. He also picked up multiple stunts well and didn’t get confused like a lot of rookies would.

While the power and push was somewhat expected in the run game out of the rookie, the performance in the passing game has been a pleasant surprise. While no Steelers fan wants to see their All-Pro guard miss time, it doesn’t appear they will be too disappointed if Dotson has to fill in.

Dotson appears to be an absolute steal after the Steelers drafted him in the 4th round this year.


Let us know below what you think Dotson’s future in the Black and Gold holds for him!


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