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Kevin Dotson, We Appreciate You

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Kevin Dotson, We Appreciate You

The Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line used to be a top unit in the entire league, but that hasn’t necessarily been the case the last couple of years. However, they may be on their way to regaining that strong OL soon enough if they build around second year guard, Kevin Dotson.

The Steelers absolutely stole Dotson in last year’s NFL Draft as most linemen with his skill set have to be taken in the first couple of rounds, but Pittsburgh snagged him in the fourth round with the 135th overall selection. Dotson showed incredible strength in pass protection last season and was even the top player at his position in that category back in October. Dotson was even named to PFF’s All-Rookie offensive line for his outstanding season.

After losing several mainstays in the line this offseason, Dotson will get his chance to be a full-time starter and give the Steelers a sense of reliability which is a significant attribute while protecting a quarterback in the latter part of his career. It’s a great sign when a lineman at Dotson’s age is already showing signs of being elite and the only place for him to trend is upwards.


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