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Madden 23 Quarterback Rankings Released — Steelers Kenny Pickett Makes Top 32

Madden 23 Quarterback Rankings Released — Steelers Kenny Pickett Makes Top 32

In a couple of months Madden 23 will be released, and it’s always a big deal for the players and fans to see what their virtual self is rated overall. Last year Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick’s rating was a huge discussion point as the All-Pro safety was rated at 89 on the game.

These safeties were all rated above or the same as Fitzpatrick in Madden 22 — Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu (95), Cardinals safety Budda Baker (93), Patriots safety Devin McCourty (93), Bengals safety Jessie Bates III (91), Broncos safety Justin Simmons (91), Seahawks safety Jamal Adams (90), Vikings safety Harrison Smith (90), Bears safety Eddie Jackson (89), and Packers safety Adrian Amos (89).

“I don’t even know what to say anymore,” Fitzpatrick tweeted.

Our friends over at UStadium dropped some leaks for the quarterback ratings today:

1. Patrick Mahomes 99
2. Aaron Rodgers 98
3. Tom Brady 98
4. Josh Allen 95
5. Lamar Jackson 95
6. Justin Herbert 90
7. Russell Wilson 90
8. Dak Prescott 89
9. Joe Burrow 89
10. Matt Stafford 87
11. Kyler Murray 86
12. Deshaun Watson 86
13. Derek Carr 85
14. Ryan Tannehill 84
15. Jalen Hurts 82
16. Matt Ryan 81
17. Kirk Cousins 80
18. Mac Jones 79
19. Baker Mayfield 78
20. Jameis Winson 76
21. Jimmy Garoppolo 75
22. Trevor Lawrence 75
23. Kenny Pickett 74
24. Tua Tagovailoa 73
25. Justin Field 73
26. Jared Goff 72
27, Zach Wilson 72
28. Trey Lance 72
29. Malik Willis 71
30. Daniel Jones 70
31 Carson Wentz 70
32. Sam Darnold 70

As you can see Pickett’s first rating in Madden is 74. One point lower than 2021 first overall pick Trevor Lawrence. Pickett also comes in higher than Justin Fields, Zach Wilson, and Trey Lance who were all selected higher in the 2021 NFL draft than Pickett was in the 2022 NFL draft.

Madden Bears

Photo of Mitchell Trubisky from an older Madden game

The most notable quarterback for Steelers fans not on the list is Mitchell Trubisky. Trubisky was rated as a 67 in Madden 22. In 2021 which was his last year as a starter for the Bears he was ranked a 72 overall. So not much of a vote of confidence from the Madden ratings adjusters.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Brendan Sperduti

    May 29, 2022 at 8:39 pm

    What I don’t Understand and they definitely need to rethink their Madden Overall Ratings for Players and what they got wrong, Such as Mahomes 99 Overall Rating, Lamar Jackson’s Overall Rating, Kirk Cousins Overall Rating. And Question: Why isn’t Davis Mills not on The Madden 23 Rating and has zero experience than The 70 Overall QB’s?

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