NFL Shortens Preseason Schedule

By: Zach Herbaugh

The Pittsburgh Steelers will now only play two preseason games. This move comes just a little over a week after the NFL Hall of Fame Game between the Steelers and Dallas Cowboys was canceled. The Steelers will now go from five preseason games in total, to two.

The NFL is likely to announce the decision on Thursday, but preliminary reports indicate that games scheduled for week 1 and week 4 will be canceled. This leaves a home game on August 23rd against the New Orleans Saints at 8 PM and an away game on August 28th at the New York Jets at 7:30 PM as the only current preseason games for the Steelers.

There are still no indications that the NFL will delay the start of the regular season. The Steelers are set to kick off the regular season on September 14th against the New York Giants at 7:15 PM on Monday Night Football.

How do you think only two preseason games will affect the Steelers? Comment below!



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