Ben Roethlisberger Posts “Come Back” Video; Trims Beard

CBS Sports

By: Jonathan Clark

He did it! The beard has officially been trimmed! Back in December 2019, the world was blessed with what many like to call “Caveman Ben” when a social media post came out showing Ben Roethlisberger rocking a, well to be fair, caveman-like beard. Much to many peoples dismay, days after the beard was showcased for all to see, Big Ben defended the beard in saying that he was not going to shave it off until he was back healthy and able to throw an actual NFL pass again. Well today was that day.

The Pittsburgh Steelers took to social media to answer the team’s biggest question going into this off-season. Will we get a healthy Ben Roethlisberger? While many of us were left with optimism after Ben was cleared to throw again, we still were left to question if he will be the same when he comes back. These are questions that only this season can answer, but today, the Steelers gave all of Steeler Nation just a little bit of hope. Pittsburgh posted a video of Ben throwing an actual “NFL” type pass to teammates James Conner, Ryan Switzer and JuJu Smith-Schuster. Ben was seen dropping back and showing off the arm we all miss and love. While seeing Ben throw itself was a great sight to see in Steelers fans eyes, many were drawn to the fact that the video seemed to also have an interior motive. “Caveman Ben” is now officially retired. Throughout the video, we would see clips of his beard being trimmed off, and Ben was all smiles during the process. Watch here:

The beard being trimmed off symbolizes more than just the looks of it. Back in December, Ben stated that he was not only going to keep the beard until he could throw to one of his teammates again, but also until he was healthy enough to do so. We are getting a healthy, energized, and a rested 38-year old future Hall of Fame quarterback, who by the way, is coming back to a team with a top five defense waiting to protect him on their side of the ball. So ask what it means to Steelers fans, and they will give you the same answer; it’s that “he’s back”. 


Let us know how you think Ben will do in this comeback 2020 season! Comment below!



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  2. Mary Kamienski

    May 20, 2020 at 10:18 am

    I believe Ben will come back as energized and motivated as usual. He is a true leader of the team. I have been in lockdown for 10 weeks now and once a week I wear a steeler “outfit.” I have many! It reminds me of what a come back is all about. The Steelers remind me of what a team can do. Ups and downs but always out there! I am a nurse and I also teach a leadership course. The Steeler pictures and story are a big part of my course! Every Steeler is a leader and every nurse is a leader! Thanks for all you do to bring joy into my life.

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