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Pittsburgh’s ‘Tom Brady’ also has Multiple Super Bowls

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Pittsburgh’s ‘Tom Brady’ also has Multiple Super Bowls

Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will take the field tomorrow. It will be his 10th Super Bowl appearance, as he looks to extend his NFL Championship total to 7. Now let’s go back in time. Back when Tom Brady was a 5 year old boy, another “Tom Brady” was checking into a Shreveport, Louisiana area hospital under the more formal name Thomas Brady.

Thomas Brady also was a multiple Super Bowl winning quarterback. He had 4 in fact. That’s right, back in 1983 Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Terry Bradshaw had to get surgery on his injured elbow. To keep the press at bay, Bradshaw checked in under a pseudonym. That name probably had more to do with the letters in Thomas Brady being close to the name Terry Bradshaw, than it did to predicting the next great Super Bowl winning quarterback.  

Just a fun coincidence in names, that gives “Thomas Brady” the chance to extend that name’s Super Bowl wins to 12.


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1 Comment

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