Preseason Week 1: Quarterback Controversy and Depth Chart

By: G.Stryker

There’s a quarterback controversy heating up in Pittsburgh, but not one that normally gets national attention around the league. The competition is for who will be the backups, and who will probably be released. This intense pressure is creating some heated performances in practice and will start translating to playing time in preseason games.

The players:

1) Ben Roethlisberger – is the pro bowl QB with 3 superbowl trips under his belt. Even though he lost the Jacksonville playoff game, it wasn’t due to his performance. Putting up 42 points against arguably the best defense in the league. Ben’s job is secure as the starter, even though he won’t play a snap on Thursday.

2) Landry Jones – is putting together a solid camp, he knows the offense, and is making the correct reads. He is starting to lose some preseason snaps to the other 2 QBs. I’m not sure if it is to see the competition between them, or if they are gaining snaps from positive play.

3) Josh Dobbs – is in his second season with the Steelers, and has familiarity with the offense. After a terrible preseason week 1 debut last year against the Giants, he improved the rest of the preseason and showed promise. He started the preseason in the #3 spot, but has started making mistakes and is losing snaps to the rookie.

3) Mason Rudolph – started out as #4 on the depth chart and has pulled even with Dobbs as the third QB. He’s been steadily improving each day at camp, and his reps have increased accordingly. He’s competitive, intelligent, a student of the game, and has a command of the huddle. For a rookie to show this type of poise so early, is rare. It will be interesting to see how he does against a defense that is allowed to tackle you.

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