QB Depth Chart Preseason Week 2: Who’s Number 3??

By: G.Stryker

Training camp is winding down, and the quarterbacks are performing nicely.

The players:

1) Ben Roethlisberger – may have bumped his head on Tuesday, but he’s still the head cheese in Pittsburgh. He will rest up and might even play next week in Pittsburgh.

2) Landry Jones – is getting the game off. The Steelers know what they have in Landry. A reliable veteran QB that knows the offense inside and out.

3) Josh Dobbs – led 2 touchdown scoring drives in the second quarter. His only blemish was an interception right after the Steelers picked off the Eagles. 9/13 for 91 yards is respectable for a quarter of work. Also had a beautifully placed ball to Patterson, who made the play of the game on his TD catch!

3) Mason Rudolph – played the entire second half with a bunch of players who probably won’t be on the team. He had good command, and moved the ball well for 3 scoring drives. He does have to improve his ball security, fumbling twice. Fortunately he didn’t turn the ball over, but that can’t become a habit if he wants to one day be a starter. Still 7/12 for 101yds is respectable for a rookie QB in his first action, under the lights, on the road.

The Steelers are only playing Dobbs and Rudolph this game. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rudolph started this game, since Dobbs got to run with the 2s last game. Either way, this should be a great matchup to watch tonight.

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