QB Depth Chart Preseason Week 4: Dobbs Will Start

By: G.Stryker

Three quarterbacks got into the game on Saturday against the Tennessee Titans. Though the offense didn’t put up a whole lot of points, there were still some positives from the quarterback play as a whole last game.

The players:

1) Ben Roethlisberger – was a little high on a few passes, but threw such a perfect long touchdown along the sideline to Justin Hunter, that even the refs couldn’t believe it. Fortunately it was correctly ruled a touchdown on the Coach’s Challenge. With 7/11 passing for 114 yards and a touchdown, Big Ben’s preseason is over as he prepares for games that count in 2 weeks.

2) Landry Jones – was efficient and threw the ball with rhythm. His interception was the fault of Hunter not being able to hold on to a well thrown football, after the catch. Jones also had a nice 1 minute drive to end the half. The Steelers nearly scored a touchdown to Jessie James on 3rd down with time waning, but they were able to secure the field goal to enter the half with a 10-0 lead. I don’t expect to see Jones play at all against the Panthers on Thursday night.

3) Josh Dobbs – did not play a snap against the Titans. He will start the final preseason game against the Carolina Panthers. Will it be a showcase to the league of his skill, or will it earn him a spot on the roster?

3) Mason Rudolph – had a much better game than his previous showing against Green Bay. He was efficient, moved well in the pocket, and showed poise going through his progressions, even under pressure. A nice touchdown drive capped by a nifty Jaylen Samuels catch and run, was negated by a penalty. Still Rudolph was able to lead 2 scoring drives that ended in field goals.

With Rudolph and Dobbs being the only quarterbacks projected to play this week, this will be the last chance for each to show they belong on this roster. Since Le’Veon Bell probably won’t report until Monday, it may give the Steelers a few extra days to keep 4 on the roster before having to cut one. This may be beneficial for them if they are trying to sneak one on to the practice squad.

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