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Ranking the Steelers 2020 Games: #12

AP Photo / Terrance Williams

Ranking the Steelers 2020 Games: #12

Over the next several weeks, I will be ranking the Pittsburgh Steelers 2020 regular season games from 16 down to 1.

We move onto number 12. It just so happens the Steelers Week 12 matchup lines up as #12 on our list. Any division win is a good one in the AFC North, but given the circumstances in this game, it was not an enjoyable one to watch as a Steelers fan.

#12. Week 12 vs. the Baltimore Ravens

A 19-14 win at home seemed like a 31-3 loss in a game versus a Ravens team who was missing several players due to a COVID-19 outbreak in the team’s facility. The Steelers managed only one offensive touchdown and barely slipped past a divisional rival led by Robert Griffin III and Trace McSorely. Two big positives to this game were the facts that the Steelers offensive line allowed 0 sacks and TJ Watt absolutely dominated, displaying 3.5 tackles for loss, three QB hits and two sacks.

Joe Haden‘s pick-6 set the tone as the first score of the game, but overall, this game was not fun to watch. A 10-0 team jumped into a Wednesday Night Football game against a significantly depleted Ravens team. Fans of the AFC North teams know that no game is a simple and easy win. However, this was as close as it ever has been for a Steelers team against the Ravens.

It was anything but that. Ray-Ray McLoud fumbled a punt leading to a Ravens touchdown half way through the first quarter and it seemed as if this was destined to be the Steelers first loss of the season after that. The game consisted of 11 punts and a whole lot of disaster. It almost seemed as if neither team wanted to win the game.

Nonetheless, the Steelers found a way to pull through because of the defense. But, we once again see a trend of Ben Roethlisberger doing entirely too much. Attempting 51 passes in a 19-14 victory while only averaging 5.2 yards per reception is horrible. The goal should be to run the ball, control time of possession and allow the defense to go to work. Now, Benny Snell Jr. deserves credit for averaging around four yards a carry and rushing for 60 yards, but this is the kind of game that I would love to see a workhorse take over. Give me 30 carries for 150 yards from a running back. That is what I believe the Steelers were missing and need if they want one more shot at a Super Bowl Title with Roethlisberger at quarterback.

Bottom line: a win is always good, especially against the Ravens. This one, however, would have been much nicer if the Steelers could have dominated a severely diminished Ravens squad.


What do you think of this Week 12 matchup, #SteelerNation? Let me know in the comments below.

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