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This Thursday the Steelers will take on the Green Bay Packers in their second game of the preseason. As expected we won’t be seeing a quarterback dual between Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers, seeing as Big Ben won’t see the field. The good news is Big Ben is still awesome, especially when you ask Coach Tomlin.

No surprises here, no matter how much every Steelers fan can’t wait to see all of these guys in action. Looks like we’ll get to see more from rookie gun-slinger Mason Rudolph and sophomore Josh Dobbs. We’ll have to see if Dobbs can continue to step his game up, as it appears he seems to be low-man on the totem pole in terms of the teams’ backup quarterback situation. Rudolph’s praise and popularity amongst fans and teammates continues to rise as he shows promise in the future, if that were to be the case for Pittsburgh down the road.

Although it seems as though Antonio Brown is perfectly fine, it’s not a surprise that we will not see him out there on Thursday night. However, this is good news for Bud Dupree coming off the injury report. Dupree will look to help Pittsburgh’s defense on Thursday night with his hit power and play-making ability.

Look for more of the same from last week, solid defensive play and promising work from the young quarterbacks. The backup quarterback race continues to gain traction, but it is clear as of right now Landry Jones looks to be the most qualified to back up Big Ben. There is some speculation, however, that Rudolph could very well find himself in that spot if he continues to improve upon what we saw from him last week against the defending Superbowl champs.

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